7 Real Reasons Why Women Join Coloring Groups

It’s no secret: women intuitively draw close to others for work, for fun and for worship.
We thrive on the deep impact as we allow others to share with our thoughts, our feelings and our actions. But the true value is in the heart-to-heart work that bubbles below the surface: the friendships and bonding that makes coloring group activities oh so enjoyable.

Of course, there’s a lot more good stuff to be had if you join an adult coloring group, here are just a few:

Boost in Satisfaction

Finding and connecting with others who share your joy in coloring fulfills your need to belong so that you can feel happier and more satisfied.

Jack Up Self-Esteem

Hanging with other women on the same path of discovery, meditation or just plane fun through coloring gives you an opportunity to improve your self-worth and self-esteem.

Barrier Busting Stress Relief

Enjoying your own coloring while appreciating other’s interpretations stimulate your creative processes which turns around and gives you more energy to reach your own goals more easily and quickly.

Collaborative Flow Beyond Coloring

Sharing your own knowledge, thoughts and ideas in the community allows you to release yourself into a greater sense of flow and inner peace and that’s good for over-all problem solving and overcoming challenges as they pop up during the day.

Glow and Show

Allowing yourself the creative breaks to appreciate others or simply share your progress enhances your performance as an individual – be it at work, at home or even in your coloring.

Boldness Breakthrough Surprise

Allowing yourself the indulgence of adult coloring and joining a thriving coloring community has encouraged many women world wide to challenge assumptions and take more risks in a healthy way.

Value and Love Tank Filling

Having a place where you belong and experience connection gives you a sense of integrity, solidarity and social integration which helps you know you are valued and fills your love tank, giving you grace and strength to push through the day-to-day crazies.

How Does Inkovator Know These Benefits?

We set out to determine the true blessings women receive by coming together, even virtually, to enjoy adult coloring.  Our surveys bring back the in-depth understanding of what motivates women to join and what keeps them there as happy participants.

We’ve taken the time and effort to pool together an extensive database of FB coloring groups and published this in a three part series on coloring groups.

You can learn more about which group might best suit your needs here:

Part 1 FB Coloring Groups – Small, intimate groups

Part 2 FB Coloring Groups – Buzzing mid-sized groups

Part 3 FB Coloring Groups – Large, information packed groups

Finally, we’re so stoked about the positive side effects of adult coloring that we made this fun infographic.  We’d love it if you shared this and pinned it on pinterest 🙂

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If coloring has given you stress relief, joy or simply opened a world of new friends through coloring groups, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

7 real reasons why women join coloring groups

7 real reasons why women join coloring groups infographic

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