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Adult Coloring Pleasure : tranquility and dreaminess

Adult Coloring Pleasure : tranquility and dreaminess.If you feel tense and you’re searching for a stress-relieving activity, you’ve come to the right place! Colorists and artists are welcome to join our group. Enjoy every moment of your time with this new super relaxing trend.

Number of People: 2024

Visit Group: Adult Coloring Pleasure : tranquility and dreaminess

Color Your Heart Out

I’m starting this group because I know what coloring can do for you. I want all to feel welcome no matter what. No coloring is better then the other. This group is for everyone who are just starting out to people who been coloring.

Number of People: 2036

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Colouring In Australia

I have created this group for those adults who like to channel their inner child by colouring!!! I have noticed that many groups for adult colourists are based overseas, so while I encourage people from all countries to join I thought it would be nice to have a page that focused on all things colouring in Australia

Number of People: 2099

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Adult Coloring Books (

Share your coloring projects. Discuss art and artists. Share your mindfulness experiences.

Number of People: 2151

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Coloring book sample pages – review before buying

this group is for anyone who loves coloring books! sometimes though, we wonder “do we really want the book?” “would it be to our liking?” i recently saw a book that had beautiful cover. yet, the book only had 3 images out of 50 of that type [found this out by reading an excellent review

Number of People: 2305

Visit Group: Coloring book sample pages – review before buying

Adult Coloring Project

Welcome to our Adult coloring project.This project is for those who find relaxation from creative outlets such as coloring. Sharing coloring pages and your finished work is highly encouraged. You can ask to have a page assigned to you by others or you may feel inspired to assign a particular page with someone. Crayon, sharpies, chalk, painting, Photoshop, etc. No restrictions on your coloring tools. You are welcome to invite others.

Number of People: 2324

Visit Group: Adult Coloring Project

Art Therapy Support & Colouring Inspirations

Overhaul:: Previously Art therapy Support.

Number of People: 2469

Visit Group: Art Therapy Support & Colouring Inspirations

Stop, Drop & Color: Adult Coloring

Stop, Drop & Color’s mission is to build a drama-free community of artists and create a website full of meditations, tutorials, and most importantly, works of art!

Number of People: 2472

Visit Group: Stop, Drop & Color: Adult Coloring

coloriage anti stress pour adulte & enfant

coucou a tous smile emoticon sur se groupe vous pouvez partager tous comme nous la passion du coloriage nous les admins Melissa , veronique ,Kathleen et josée on espères passer un bon moment ensembles, avec vous tous .

Number of People: 2532

Visit Group: coloriage anti stress pour adulte & enfant

Prefer print books over digital downloads:
Buy new supplies monthly or more often:

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ColourFull Addictsᵀᴹ | OCD: Obsessive, Colouring Disorder AUSTRALIA

Come and colour with other ColourFull Addictsᵀᴹ Please read and agree to group guidelines *Pinned* at the top of the page as soon as you are in the group.

Number of People: 2629

Visit Group: ColourFull Addictsᵀᴹ | OCD: Obsessive, Colouring Disorder AUSTRALIA

Colouring in with color

Please read what we are about when you join thank you and before posting anything. Welcome all members. This is a group for those who love to share their colouring pages and any art work that you have done.

Number of People: 2707

Visit Group: Colouring in with color

Coloring Book Goodies Coloring for Fun

NEW MEMBERS PLEASE READ! smile emoticon Always put the title of the book IN YOUR POST DESCRIPTION please. Posts without book titles or image source will be deleted.

Number of People: 2748

Visit Group: Coloring Book Goodies Coloring for Fun

Colouring Companions

Hello , Colouring Companions is a group for all ages to share your colouring creations and a good place to make new friends and chit chat .

Number of People: 2805

Visit Group: Colouring Companions

Colouring in for Grown-ups!

As a child I have always loved to colour in, surrounded by colouring books and pencil cases!! It is now making a huge comeback, but this time for adults! Now I have often done colouring as an adult, but now it is acceptable and trendy! Colouring has many benefits including stress relief, expressing creativity and it is also a great activity to share with your little ones, lets get children interested in colouring again!! This group is for all us to share any good articles on, any places to get good books and to share our creations! It’s not just for children!! #CIFGU

Number of People: 3032

Visit Group: Colouring in for Grown-ups!

Adult Coloring Society 😎

Welcome to adult coloring society smile emoticon Please Share your pages that you color . 100% Drama Free . We are you here to give positive motivation . Absolutely no negative comments you will be removed end of conversation . We ask that you don’t use profanity or Nasty pictures .

Number of People: 3034

Visit Group: Adult Coloring Society 😎

Coloring Enthusiasts

This group is for anyone who loves to color, with markers, crayons, pencils, in books, for cards, or whatever! If you colored it we want to see it!

Number of People: 3139

Visit Group: Coloring Enthusiasts

The Creative Coloring Group

This group is for adult coloring and art enthusiast alike. Please post your beautiful works of coloring art on this page. Feel free to inspire, discuss, share tips, and make a new friend. My goal is to be uplifting, spread joy, and connect others that share my same passions for art.

Number of People: 3179

Visit Group: The Creative Coloring Group

Colour Therapy, Crafts & Crystals

A group for all things colour/art therapy, Adult colouring, crafts, crystals and more!!! Not many rules, just be nice lol and dont be shy! Please read the pinned post for our copyright guidelines.

Number of People: 3314

Visit Group: Colour Therapy, Crafts & Crystals

Color Pencil Art Group

For those who are involved with Color Pencil drawings. This group is primarily for those pieces that are done in color pencils. Please feel free to share YOUR art pages, websites (as long as they are art related).. We don’t tolerate spamming of products that are NOT art related (purses, shoes, etc..). Those posts will be deleted and the member banned. Remember this is an Art Group, every member has the same rights as any other member. If you reply to another artist please do so in a friendly manner and let’s always remember to encourage others as we would want to be encouraged.

Number of People: 3434

Visit Group: Color Pencil Art Group

The Color Bubble

Hello and thanks for stopping by! This group focuses on the wonderful world of adult coloring! You will find that we focus on being informative, encouraging, and supportive!

Number of People: 3626

Visit Group: The Color Bubble

Colouring For Adults – Malaysia ASEAN

A group for Malaysians to share a common interest – adult coloring. Adult coloring has become the trendiest thing this past year but countless colorists all over the world know that this activity is not a recent fad. Not many aware that Dover Publication has been publishing adult coloring books since mid 70s. However it is something new in Malaysia and this group’s goal is to create awareness among Malaysians about this therapeutic activity. It’s fun and helps your mind to relax, yes literally.

Number of People: 3879

Visit Group: Colouring For Adults – Malaysia ASEAN

Adult Coloring For everyone! Beginner to advanced!

Adult coloring books are being marketed to stressed-out, work-addled adults, who want to benefit from the quiet zen that a coloring session can bring.

Number of People: 3899

Visit Group: Adult Coloring For everyone! Beginner to advanced!

Adult Colouring & All Round Chit Chat

I have created this page for everyone to share their lovely creations but also for you to share free pages on pinterest or websites and to recommend books, pens/pencils and much much more.. but also to have a good chit chat about problems or to make new friends

Number of People: 4579

Visit Group: Adult Colouring & All Round Chit Chat

The Artistic Outlet

Digital or Fine Art, Design,and Photography. Artist to Audience. No Nudity or Violent image postings allowed. Please only 5 postings per day.

Number of People: 5015

Visit Group: The Artistic Outlet

50 Shades of Colouring (Mind Wellness)

Enjoy your colouring experience and please post your COLOURED pages crediting the artist or the source..

Number of People: 5055

Visit Group: 50 Shades of Colouring (Mind Wellness)

ColoUring for Weirdos

This group is for people who love the weird, wild and wacky! We’re all about humoUr in here and we want to see your bloopers, your funny pictures, and most of all, to get you laughing. Have fun! Respect one another.

Number of People: 5094

Visit Group: ColoUring for Weirdos

Coloristas y Peluqueros de Chile (“Colorimetría para todos”)

Bienvenidos colegas y estudiantes, el propósito de este grupo es que compartamos nuestros trabajos y conocimientos entre todos nosotros para que así los peluqueros chilenos demos cada día un mejor servicio a nuestras clientas y clientes y además de conocernos y participar juntos en eventos. Que la vida los ilumine siempre!!!

Number of People: 5319

Visit Group: Coloristas y Peluqueros de Chile (“Colorimetría para todos”)

Creative People

مولد مبروك الناس الكل الي يحبنا و الي يكرهنا

Number of People: 5409

Visit Group: Creative People

Colouring Creates Calm

A group for adults to share hints and tips and pictures from their colouring pursuits.

Number of People: 5632

Visit Group: Colouring Creates Calm

Beginners and Beyond Adult Coloring Group.

This is an adult coloring group for beginners to learn new techniques and for advanced colorists to share their knowledge so we can all become better colorists.

Number of People: 6263

Visit Group: Beginners and Beyond Adult Coloring Group

Creative People

For those of you who love art.Hi friends welcome , post your works paintings , photo ( please do not post porn links) . Please add a description and author’s works. thank you.

Number of People: 8236

Visit Group: Creative People

Colour, relax & having fun

Welcome to Colour, relax & having fun :):):) Share your colorful shopping hauls, show us your book/product reviews, share your works in progress, finished products, if you are an artist please feel free to share your work, ANYTHING coloring related is welcome here! Just make sure you read and follow the rules! Thanks so much for joining us!

Number of People: 9069

Visit Group: Colour, relax & having fun

Butterfly Enthusiast

Our mission at Butterfly Enthusiast is to promote and celebrate the wild butterfly in a supportive, interactive and educational setting. Welcome are photos of butterflies from your garden and the field, in all stages of development.

Number of People: 9327

Visit Group: Butterfly Enthusiast

Adult Colouring

A group to meet fellow colourers. Whether you use colouring to relax, as therapy or just for fun, here is the best place to meet others & share your work

Number of People: 9814

Visit Group: Adult Colouring

Creative Therapy Adult Coloring Books

Welcome to the Official page of Creative Therapy Coloring Books! Creative Therapy launched in June of 2015 to inspire adults to release their creativity through art therapy. We are here to inspire you and bring joy. Join our group to stay up to date with new book release, daily inspirational posts and awesome giveaways and contests.

Number of People: 10215

Visit Group: Creative Therapy Adult Coloring Books

Colour Me Crazy! Adult Colouring in Group

A page for like minded Colouring In Fans to share their latest works! While this is primarily a page for those into colouring, you are more than welcome to discuss and show off ANY creative endeavors. (WARNING! – the making of new friends MAY be a by product of membership of this group.) Enjoy!

Number of People: 14566

Visit Group: Colour Me Crazy! Adult Colouring in Group

Adult Coloring Group

For grown-up kids who appreciate the beauty and meditation of coloring (in many forms). Post your works and be inspired!

Number of People: 15871

Visit Group: Adult Coloring Group

Adult Coloring Worldwide

Adult Coloring Worldwide is the leader in supporting coloring book artists, coloring books and colouring in pages.

Number of People: 23230

Visit Group: Adult Coloring Worldwide

Coloring Books for Adults

If you have requested to join the group, please be patient. We are experiencing very high request rates, and it may take up to a day for us to approve your request. Our approval process takes a bit longer than some, but it helps to cut down on the number of “fake” and “spam” accounts that get into the group, which helps make the group a more pleasant place to hang out.

Number of People: 42177

Visit Group: Coloring Books for Adults

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