All Facebook Adult Coloring Groups Great And Small

There is a lively collection of adult coloring groups on Facebook and we’ve been asking the broader community, “What do you enjoy most about being a member of an adult coloring group on FB?”

The answers are almost unanimous – regardless of how big or small the group, members are attracted to:

  • learning new things,
  • helping out others,
  • getting inspiration for their own coloring projects
  • meeting new people world wide
  • getting the insider reviews on books and materials

We think it’s hard to top the growing community of coloring enthusiasts the world over, so we collected all the current FB groups we could find and listed them here for you!

Top Facebook Groups for Adult Coloring

Whether you’re a budding colorist or an experienced one, Facebook has countless thriving communities where you can share your coloring projects, discuss art, participate in coloring competitions or share your mindfulness experiences with like-minded people all across the globe. Adult coloring is a new super-relaxing trend. Due to its therapeutic nature, it’s proven to reduce anxiety and make you more productive. If you haven’t joined any Facebook group for adult coloring yet, you should join one (or as many as you may like) before wasting a minute.

For your convenience, given below is a list of all the top adult coloring groups that exist on Facebook. See which ones you like, visit the group on Facebook, hit the ‘Join Group’ button and start having fun. Don’t be surprised if you also make some lifetime friends along the way.

Addicted Colorists Anonymous

This is a new group for users who like to color to share their wip (works in progress) tips and pages.

Number of People: 7
Visit Group: Addicted Colorists Anonymous

Coloriage d Aurore Briault

Number of People: 7
Visit Group: Coloriage d Aurore Briault

Color Pencil Colorists 2

This is a group for people who love to color with colored pencils. Post some work, get and give support. Beginners welcome.

Number of People: 15
Visit Group: Color Pencil Colorists 2

New England Colorists

New England Colorists is a group for coloring enthusiasts to share coloring pictures, information on deals and finds at local stores, and support. Folks from outside New England are also welcome! Anyone can post pictures and make comments. I ask that the tips on stores, etc. will be New England based.

Number of People: 21
Visit Group: New England Colorists

Coloring for Fun

Number of People: 30
Visit Group: Coloring for Fun

Coloring in for USA Only

A colouring group for the USA x keep it nice please x no swearing x

Number of People: 38
Visit Group: Coloring in for USA Only

Coloring News & Fun

We color because it is fun, creative and helps relieve stress!

Number of People: 40
Visit Group: Coloring News & Fun

Kiwis Who Colour

This group is for New Zealanders on line and in groups who enjoy colouring. We also welcome our friends in Oz. Please feel free to post pictures you have coloured … start a conversation … make a friend (or 2) … ask a question. Please do not advertise on this page without asking permission first.

Number of People: 116
Visit Group: Kiwis Who Colour

We Heart Coloring

Do you like to color? So do we! Share resources (favorite coloring books, markers, pencils, artists) and colorings. Identify the source, so we can all find it! Have fun! #JustColor

Number of People: 120
Visit Group: We Heart Coloring

Coloring Talk

This is a fun place to talk about our colorings, our life adventures and also to share our amazing talents we have in an art form that was always thought to be just for grade school! This group is for ALL levels of skill!!!! No shaming and NO talking negative about each others work!

Number of People: 121
Visit Group: Coloring Talk

Tattoo Flash Coloring Book Group

Anyone can post artwork here smile emoticon I am not a Shithead like most admins on Facebook…. I want you to share what you do best.

Number of People: 131
Visit Group: Tattoo Flash Coloring Book Group

Christian Colouring Group

If there is nothing on your facebook page indicating you are a Christian – you will need to share with admin more about yourself and your walk with god and the Church denomination you belong to.  This is a group for Bible believing followers of Christ only to uplift and encourage Christians while colouring and being creative in a social environment.

Number of People: 137
Visit Group: Christian Colouring Group

Color Creations

I would love to share what we color. What tools do we use?

Number of People: 138
Visit Group: Color Creations

Color Therapy

This is a place to share your latest color creation and tell us more about yourself!

Number of People: 148
Visit Group: Color Therapy

Coloring Friends

This is a group that I created that includes the individuals I’ve met or have corresponded with through mine and their interest in coloring. It includes friends throughout the world.

Number of People: 150
Visit Group: Coloring Friends

Coloring Happiness

The rules are the following : 1) All posts should be appropriate and tasteful. 2)There will be no negative comments to any posts. 3)Biblical quotes are encouraged if the quote had inspired your coloring on the pic you post. PLEASE, give explanation about your inspiration in order for others to possibly be inspiring. (This is not a must, but it is encouraged.

Number of People: 159
Visit Group: Coloring Happiness

Adults Who Love to Color

A place for us to share our work. Please feel free to add any adult you know who loves to color.

Number of People: 164
Visit Group: Adults Who Love to Color

Adult Coloring Books

Here is a group that encourages adults to use colouring as a method of relaxation, or as art therapy! But if you have a craft you enjoy doing please share your work!!! We are all normal people learning new skills no nasty comments please….. If you dislike something then scroll past. No vulgar work please this will be removed as will nasty comments! Go fourth and colour! Relax its the best thing you can do to get rid of stress. Imagine all you need to worry about for as little ten minutes or as much as you want just what colours you need or will use…… Where adults become children again!

Number of People: 208
Visit Group: Adult Coloring Books

The Colouring Notebook

Follow our works of colouring art and get inspired! Show us your notebook collections, colouring books, stationery and all things colour!

Number of People: 209
Visit Group: The Colouring Notebook

Artists Rhode Island

A group for local artist from the Rhode Island and vicinity area. A place to exchange ideas, advise, get and give feedback, show our creations, announce exhibits, art fairs and support to all artists.

Number of People: 217
Visit Group: Artists Rhode Island

Peace, Love & Coloring

It’s not what you color or how you color… just as long as you color! Peace, Love, & Coloring is a group designed with everyone in mind, whether you color your own designs or those in books, whether you like to color inside or outside the lines, whether you use pencils, crayons, or markers – you can join our group to display and share your coloring pages, tips, and other information about coloring.

Number of People: 217
Visit Group: Peace, Love & Coloring

Dotty’s Adult Coloring Group

This group is for anyone who enjoys coloring and peaceful time. It’s a way to show your true colors. Stress free enjoyment. I’m going to try to get a group of people together in the Palm City, Stuart, Port St. Lucie area one night a week for coffee and cake or wine and cheese and a fun night out at my place to work on our books. If anyone is interested, post and let me know.

Number of People: 218
Visit Group: Dotty’s Adult Coloring Group

Coloring Creates Calm

This group is a place for people to come relax and enjoy some free time. I do ask that it be kept PG and G rated cause it is a group for all ages.

Number of People: 243
Visit Group: Coloring Creates Calm

Coloring Family

This group is about coloring. It isn’t just about adult coloring books. Its coloring in general. You can use children’s coloring books, adults and even digital coloring. Its just a place to meet and have fun. So happy coloring

Number of People: 249
Visit Group: Coloring Family

Let’s Color Everyone

This is for everyone that loves to color. And would love to share. I just ask the we are nice to each other. And do not copyright on anyone. And if you have exter books are anything that you want to trade sale you can do it here. But this will be up to you to Handel it. So let’s have fun..

Number of People: 249
Visit Group: Let’s Color Everyone

Coloring Around The World

Welcome to the “Coloring Around The World” group page. This where I’ll be posting updates regarding this little global coloring project of mine and participants may use this as a venue to communicate with each other about the project, as well. Participants may also post their own updates, and soon, photos of the pages they’ve finished coloring in. Thank you so much for joining and I hope everyone enjoys this

Number of People: 261
Visit Group: Coloring Around The World

Relax with Art

This is a group where we all share our art, no rude comments towards others or u will find yourself out of here… enjoy

Number of People: 288
Visit Group: Relax with Art

Adult Coloring Group – Color You

This is an over 18 Adult Coloring Group where anybody that wants to post tips tricks or ANYTHING related to coloring is allowed! Also if you wanna chat, get something out or need support I’m sure we are all here to help and guide! There are wonderful people in this group and I have no doubt we will all support one another smile emoticon. Having a bad day or good shout out! Oh and if you are having a bad day we have a great collection of swear words for you to color to get your frustration out lol!

Number of People: 295
Visit Group: Adult Coloring Group – Color You

Young at Heart Coloring

We are all here to share our colored pictures from Secret Garden, Enchanted Forrest, etc. Sit back, relax and stay calm by coloring. Trust me it helps.

Number of People: 302
Visit Group: Young at Heart Coloring

Children & Adult Coloring Pages

This is for all coloring books and you can also show the pages you have colored from any color book or page you can also print them out for yourself and children or grand kids this is a drama free zone if you start drama of any kind you will be removed and blocked plz only post coloring pages or colored pages ty FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY! NO SALES MAY BE DONE ON ITEMS MADE FROM THESE TY

Number of People: 315
Visit Group: Children & Adult Coloring Pages

Fifty Shades of Color

A place for colorists! We love coloring and sharing our projects to inspire others!! Let’s face it, coloring keeps us out of jail. Hahahaha Welcome and have fun!

Number of People: 321
Visit Group: Fifty Shades of Color

Coloring for Adults NZ & Worldwide

Hi from New Zealand! This group is for anyone that has a love of coloring, and a passion for collecting coloring books. Coloring has been proven to be an anti-stress past time, and who says we’re too old to get out our felts and pencils right!!

Number of People: 356
Visit Group: Coloring for Adults NZ & Worldwide

Coloring for Everyone

This is a place where everyone can share their work and share coloring related things.

Number of People: 377
Visit Group: Coloring for Everyone

Local Artists, Merchants and Retailer

To be a member of this group please be a local artist, curator or retailer who creates and/or sells and/or supports art and handcrafted products. Requesting membership in order to sell Ray Bans and other mass produced items of such is not acceptable.

Number of People: 383
Visit Group: Local Artists, Merchants and Retailers

Colouring Addicts and Colourists

Hi this page is going to be about people addicted to colouring adult books smile emoticon we can chat about different materials used and show pictures of our creations

Number of People: 416
Visit Group: Colouring Addicts and Colourists

Coloring Outside the Lines

Outside the Lines is a group for ADULTS who enjoy coloring but also enjoy images that are a little more risque or edgy than what is shared in alot of other coloring groups!

Number of People: 421
Visit Group: Coloring Outside the Lines

Colouring Angels

Colouring angels is a group for people who like to colour for fun help with stress anxiety and depression also a place to have a chat among friends share work and colouring book and pen pencil reviews

Number of People: 438
Visit Group: Colouring Angels

Art as Therapy

I believe art is therapy..and any creating is art

Number of People: 446
Visit Group: Art as Therapy

Coloring with Friends

A cozy place for us to share our coloring pages, tips, and unique ideas and techniques. Most of all just sit back, relax and enjoy yourself.

Number of People: 488
Visit Group: Coloring with Friends

Coloring Items for Sale

This group is for artists to display items they have for sale using coloring designs. It can be a book, mug, shirt or whatever you decide to create and sell. Promote your art here.

Number of People: 503
Visit Group: Coloring Items for Sale

Colouring in UK and Ireland Only

The rules are no swearing x no being rude x if you are u will be removed x this is a nice group for people to enjoy colouring in and have a lovely chat x not for selling items that aren’t for colouring in x please note this is for UK and Ireland Residents only x

Number of People: 508
Visit Group: Colouring in UK and Ireland Only

I Love Adult Coloring Books

Welcome to our group. We’re here to show our love for coloring and to share tips and tricks. Please feel free to share your colored art here.

Number of People: 513
Visit Group: I Love Adult Coloring Books

Coloring for Fun

For adults of all ages who love to color and appreciate the art of others.

Number of People: 544
Visit Group: Coloring for Fun

Adult Coloring USA

This group is for anyone who enjoys the world of adult coloring or would like to learn more about this form of Art Therapy! Share ideas, work in progress, completed masterpieces, book collections, and enjoy time spent with friendly conversation!

Number of People: 558
Visit Group: Adult Coloring USA

Colour Me True

Come share your coloured pictures, drawings & show us your stash of colourings books and media. All reviews on books, pens & pencils are welcome. Please NO selling on here without prior approval from Admin. Also NO posting links to other groups. Thank you.

Number of People: 565
Visit Group: Colour Me True

Coloring Club

A place to share all your beautiful creations! I was thinking we could post a monthly (or weekly) picture that people can print from home. We could all color it and share our work. It will be fun to see how different they all are. If you don’t have time to color this months/weeks page NO WORRIES! This is just for fun!

Number of People: 574
Visit Group: Coloring Club

Colouring is Addicting

A place to chat and post out beautiful work and any freebies to share. If you have pics of colouring pages i.e. In coloured ones apps feel free and advertise your adult page group or what ever I have really enjoyed this hobby and I hope many more do too feel free to share the group with ur wall and or others one rule though don’t put down what ppl colour every piece of art had beauty we aren’t here to be mean we are here for fun.

Number of People: 576
Visit Group: Colouring is Addicting

Adult Coloring Group

I made this group with the various friends I’ve noticed have the same hobby. I thought it might be nice to share our work, favorite coloring pages and anything else!

Number of People: 599
Visit Group: Adult Coloring Group

Crafty Coloring Club

This is a place for me to share my coloring books and pages and for people to show off how they colored them in! I’d like to see how you finished pictures from my books, but you are welcome to share any coloring at all

Number of People: 599
Visit Group: Crafty Coloring Club


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Pat Barrows says November 15, 2018

I just began adult coloring in April and soon joined Friends Who Color on Facebook. The work is beautiful and I did get a few tips but became discouraged with my own beginner coloring that I stopped doing it. Can you recommend a group on FB that is just for beginners?

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