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Helping Veterans Reduce Stress With Adult Coloring

Stress management alternative coloring book authority, Andrea Wood Schmitz, CEO of Inkovator, reveals that service men and women who redirect their anxiety and pressures towards coloring books for grown-ups worry less.

Schmitz’ work in non-invasive stress-relief activities show how veterans are turning to coloring books to relieve PTSD, relax and regain a sense of control over pressing issues in everyday life.

“It’s alarming, really.  Our veterans are dumped into daily life after active duty and society really isn’t equipped to help them re-integrate into the daily grind.  After mastering life on duty under strenuous circumstances – they are more stable and capable than most of us.  And yet, they are left alone to pick up the pieces in making sense of various challenges experienced while serving the country.  All the workforce cares about is “functioning” employees,” says Schmitz.  “Coupled with the normal stresses of family, career and financial concerns, veterans today are facing major stress factors coming at them 24/7.  That requires a cool head and the ability to discern between important and urgent.  With the military infrastructure and support systems gone, this can turn into a silent struggle and make PTSD even worse.  That’s why the average veteran must think differently when it comes to developing coping strategies to relieve the burden of PTSD.”

“Although there’s a difference between coloring and being guided by a therapist,” Erin Maynard, media liaison of PTSD Survivors of America said, “the activity helps regulate stress.”

Coloring is especially useful to those who have PTSD, Maynard notes, since their amygdala — the brain’s integrated center of emotions, emotional behavior, and motivation — is hyperactive.

“The problem with that is that it’s the part of the brain that controls the fear response. PTSD is a disorder of memory storage and recall, and you fixate on these terrifying memories and they become ever present for you,” according to Maynard.

The Malagasy proverb “Idleness moves so slowly that it will be overtaken by misery” paints a strong picture especially when dealing with PTSD.  But over-stimulation is not the answer.  The relief found by shifting your focus to coloring brings the perfect balance, explains Schmitz.  She agrees with Maynard, “Coloring actually reduces the activity of the amygdala, so that’s part of the reason that it helps calm you down.”

An event Schmitz created on Facebook, the Grown Up Coloring Book D-Day Bonanza, is designed to aid PTSD sufferers in navigating alternative, safe and proven ways to reduce stress and avoid aggressive behavior in times of anxiety and insecurity.

Schmitz will be joined by 13 top selling artists who have donated prizes, organized giveaways and offered special, event-only, deals to all who join:

  • Sue Chastain of SuziQ Creations
  • Julia Stueber of Colors of Abundance
  • Alice Best Jackson of Messages From Beyond and Imagery From Beyond Art
  • Katie Darden of Magical Design Coloring Books
  • Sarah Renae Clark of Sarah Renae Clark
  • Daniel Howard of DanCin Art Studio
  • Marjorie J McDonald of Book Graphics Girls
  • K. Phipps of  The Koloring Korner
  • Bill Clanton of Bill Clanton Books
  • Maria Castro of Scribo Creative
  • Jenny Luan of InkTangle Gift shop
  • Jason Hamilton of  Adult Coloring Books by Jason Hamilton

Judging by the sentiments of past participants, Inkovator is poised to help many who are suffering from PTSD, veterans and beyond.

“I loved meeting artists I hadn’t known about and seeing some awesome new books. The contests were fun!,” said Raquel, a participant of Inkovator’s spring Grown-Up Coloring Book Bonanza held in February, 2016.

Another participant commented, “This event was amazing! I got nothing done today but was nice to sit and meet all of you artists and see your beautiful work!! I think there should be more meets like this, not to win anything but to meet the talented artists!! Thank you all for taking time out of your day for us and Andrea thank you for this event today!!! You all rock!!”

“Loved everyone the generosity the excitement xoxoxo thanks for an uplifting day while I’ve been home sick!!!” Cee described her experience of the spring event.

“You would never imagine that something as simple as a crayon could have such a big impact, but when you’re talking about people who are feeling stressed and isolated and scared — it’s just a crayon but it’s kind of like a magic crayon,” admits Maynard after the first nation-wide coloring event hosted by the PTSD Survivors of America.

Schmitz feels she is helping PTSD sufferers find non-destructive ways to deal with aggression, depression and frustration while extending an offer to the broader community and bringing them all together in one fun and free event on Facebook.

The Grown Up Coloring Book D-Day Bonanza event will be held Monday, June 6th from 10 am – 11 pm EDT. To learn more, meet new artists, enter giveaways and have a chance to win prizes dedicated to making adult coloring the stress-reducer of choice, visit

First published in Authority PressWire:

How to Draw the Fur of a Cat with Colored Pencils

Using colored pencils to create beautiful drawings is a lot of fun, isn’t it? But what if you wanted to draw a cat’s fur? Emmy does that so beautifully. If you are struggling to learn how to draw the fur of a cat, this video tutorial by Emmy can be a great help. In this video, you’ll see how to use both darker and lighter colors to create fur that looks as good as natural.

Key tips Emmy shares in the video include:

Start with a layer of the lightest color
Color in the same direction the fur is going
Build up the color with the next shade
Blend the layers together with a white pencil

Emmy uses a white uni posca pen to draw the lightest hairs. It’s also interesting to see how she uses an electric eraser to create some wonderful strokes for the white hair and then draws over it with pencils to create thin hair strokes.

Watch the video now to learn, practice and finally draw the fur of a cat with colored pencils – and wow your friends with your skills.

[Materials Used: Bristol smooth surface paper, Faber Castell polychromos pencils, Faber Castell pencil eraser, Derwent electric eraser, White uni posca 0.7mm]

How to Draw Natural-Looking Eyes, Nose and Lips with Graphite Pencils

Everyone has their own style of drawing. Emmy has her own!

If drawing is your passion, this tutorial will show you how you can shade and draw eyes, nose and lips that look amazingly real, with graphite pencils. Emmy learned to draw by practicing more and I hope you’ll feel happy to learn something from the drawing process she follows in the video.

You too can draw like Emmy, if you take a closer look at pictures of eyes to gather ideas, follow her process and practice more.

[Materials Used: Bristol smooth surface paper, Faber Castell graphite pencils 2h-8b, CretaColor nero black, Faber Castell pencil eraser, Kneaded eraser, White uni posca 0.7mm, Blending stump and soft tissue.]


coloring skin with colored pencils

How to Color Skin with Colored Pencils

Coloring skin is a pretty challenging task for those who are learning to draw. Different people have different skin colors. Right? If you use colored pencils, you would certainly want to learn how to create a great skin tone. Emmy, an adept artist from the Netherlands, is a master at coloring skin. She makes the process look simple and yet create a portrait that looks so fantastic.

In this video tutorial, Emmy will show you how to color skin to create a nice tone using colored pencils. You should learn her layering and blending techniques so that you too can draw and color like she does.

Watch the video to find out how Emmy creates a beautiful portrait of Anna Nooshin and learn the art of coloring skin.

[Materials Used:  Bristol smooth surface paper, Faber Castell polychromos pencils, Faber Castell pencil eraser, Caran d’ache luminance pencils, White uni posca 0.7mm]

How I’m Controlling My Depression & Anxiety – A Fan’s Point Of View

MsCreepyX has been a fan of coloring books for a while now and she recently reached out to Inkovator with this video.

Here she shares a mental health update with our community and highlights the value in being able to engage in safe activities which are low cost, low impact and yet have a high stress-relief value.

Adult coloring – freakin’ awesome, medication-free stress and anxiety relief.

Men Who Love Adult Coloring Part 2

What happens when you give a man a coloring book?  Turns out, it’s pretty cool.  At least that’s what I thought when I saw Drew’s video I’m sharing with you here.

“I received two Adult Coloring Books from Andrea Wood Schmitz of She provided me with Primal Consciousness Volume 1 and The 60’s Come Back Volume 1.

I received these for free in exchange for an honest review. You can purchase your own copy at (Drew’s Affiliate Link).

Andrea has four books on Amazon including the two in the video.

They are all a part of a way to connect and recharge yourself through coloring therapy.

I’m personally not that new age but there is something to be said about putting crayon, colored pencil or marker to paper and just losing yourself in the task of coloring. It is very much a recharge that I often need.

How Primal Consciousness is unique!

Unlike other coloring books, these patterns are twisted and complex with just the right degree of difficulty to allow adults to fully engage and enjoy the therapeutic and calming effects of coloring.

The books are 8.5′ by 11′ and are equally fun for left handed colorers as well as right handed.

Work perfect with Faber Castells, Prismas and other coloring pencils as well as gel pens.

Thanks for watching and I do hope that you would consider subscribing.

You can follow and connect with me at my various social media outlets such as –

BenSpark endorses Primal Consciousness

Thank you, Drew from!

Libri de colorari per adulti

What fun to watch Andre Mur unpack our adult coloring book, Primal Consciousness!

These are available in Italy via — >

Colorare: un’attività da bambini?

Già agli inizi del ‘900 uno dei padri della psicoanalisi, Carl Gustav Jung, aveva riconosciuto i benefici del disegno per la salute, in particolare dei Mandala, le immagini circolari spirituali induiste e buddhiste, su cui scrisse ben 4 saggi.

Ma come può colorare essere una forma efficace di arteterapia e un modo per combattere lo stress?

Quando un bambino colora, la sua attenzione è completamente assorbita da quello che sta facendo: scegliere le tonalità che stanno meglio vicine, cercare di restare all’interno dei contorni del disegno, sono tutte azioni che richiedono la massima concentrazione. Tutto ciò che è al di fuori scompare.

Grazia Andre Mur!

Grazia Stefy1986 🙂


Bella NitroBijoux


Oh Marta!



Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 14.03.29

All Facebook Adult Coloring Groups Great And Small Page 3



Adult Coloring Pleasure : tranquility and dreaminess

Adult Coloring Pleasure : tranquility and dreaminess.If you feel tense and you’re searching for a stress-relieving activity, you’ve come to the right place! Colorists and artists are welcome to join our group. Enjoy every moment of your time with this new super relaxing trend.

Number of People: 2024

Visit Group: Adult Coloring Pleasure : tranquility and dreaminess

Color Your Heart Out

I’m starting this group because I know what coloring can do for you. I want all to feel welcome no matter what. No coloring is better then the other. This group is for everyone who are just starting out to people who been coloring.

Number of People: 2036

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Colouring In Australia

I have created this group for those adults who like to channel their inner child by colouring!!! I have noticed that many groups for adult colourists are based overseas, so while I encourage people from all countries to join I thought it would be nice to have a page that focused on all things colouring in Australia

Number of People: 2099

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Adult Coloring Books (

Share your coloring projects. Discuss art and artists. Share your mindfulness experiences.

Number of People: 2151

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Coloring book sample pages – review before buying

this group is for anyone who loves coloring books! sometimes though, we wonder “do we really want the book?” “would it be to our liking?” i recently saw a book that had beautiful cover. yet, the book only had 3 images out of 50 of that type [found this out by reading an excellent review

Number of People: 2305

Visit Group: Coloring book sample pages – review before buying

Adult Coloring Project

Welcome to our Adult coloring project.This project is for those who find relaxation from creative outlets such as coloring. Sharing coloring pages and your finished work is highly encouraged. You can ask to have a page assigned to you by others or you may feel inspired to assign a particular page with someone. Crayon, sharpies, chalk, painting, Photoshop, etc. No restrictions on your coloring tools. You are welcome to invite others.

Number of People: 2324

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Art Therapy Support & Colouring Inspirations

Overhaul:: Previously Art therapy Support.

Number of People: 2469

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Stop, Drop & Color: Adult Coloring

Stop, Drop & Color’s mission is to build a drama-free community of artists and create a website full of meditations, tutorials, and most importantly, works of art!

Number of People: 2472

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coloriage anti stress pour adulte & enfant

coucou a tous smile emoticon sur se groupe vous pouvez partager tous comme nous la passion du coloriage nous les admins Melissa , veronique ,Kathleen et josée on espères passer un bon moment ensembles, avec vous tous .

Number of People: 2532

Visit Group: coloriage anti stress pour adulte & enfant

Prefer print books over digital downloads:
Buy new supplies monthly or more often:

Take the survey

ColourFull Addictsᵀᴹ | OCD: Obsessive, Colouring Disorder AUSTRALIA

Come and colour with other ColourFull Addictsᵀᴹ Please read and agree to group guidelines *Pinned* at the top of the page as soon as you are in the group.

Number of People: 2629

Visit Group: ColourFull Addictsᵀᴹ | OCD: Obsessive, Colouring Disorder AUSTRALIA

Colouring in with color

Please read what we are about when you join thank you and before posting anything. Welcome all members. This is a group for those who love to share their colouring pages and any art work that you have done.

Number of People: 2707

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Coloring Book Goodies Coloring for Fun

NEW MEMBERS PLEASE READ! smile emoticon Always put the title of the book IN YOUR POST DESCRIPTION please. Posts without book titles or image source will be deleted.

Number of People: 2748

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Colouring Companions

Hello , Colouring Companions is a group for all ages to share your colouring creations and a good place to make new friends and chit chat .

Number of People: 2805

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Colouring in for Grown-ups!

As a child I have always loved to colour in, surrounded by colouring books and pencil cases!! It is now making a huge comeback, but this time for adults! Now I have often done colouring as an adult, but now it is acceptable and trendy! Colouring has many benefits including stress relief, expressing creativity and it is also a great activity to share with your little ones, lets get children interested in colouring again!! This group is for all us to share any good articles on, any places to get good books and to share our creations! It’s not just for children!! #CIFGU

Number of People: 3032

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Adult Coloring Society 😎

Welcome to adult coloring society smile emoticon Please Share your pages that you color . 100% Drama Free . We are you here to give positive motivation . Absolutely no negative comments you will be removed end of conversation . We ask that you don’t use profanity or Nasty pictures .

Number of People: 3034

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Coloring Enthusiasts

This group is for anyone who loves to color, with markers, crayons, pencils, in books, for cards, or whatever! If you colored it we want to see it!

Number of People: 3139

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The Creative Coloring Group

This group is for adult coloring and art enthusiast alike. Please post your beautiful works of coloring art on this page. Feel free to inspire, discuss, share tips, and make a new friend. My goal is to be uplifting, spread joy, and connect others that share my same passions for art.

Number of People: 3179

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Colour Therapy, Crafts & Crystals

A group for all things colour/art therapy, Adult colouring, crafts, crystals and more!!! Not many rules, just be nice lol and dont be shy! Please read the pinned post for our copyright guidelines.

Number of People: 3314

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Color Pencil Art Group

For those who are involved with Color Pencil drawings. This group is primarily for those pieces that are done in color pencils. Please feel free to share YOUR art pages, websites (as long as they are art related).. We don’t tolerate spamming of products that are NOT art related (purses, shoes, etc..). Those posts will be deleted and the member banned. Remember this is an Art Group, every member has the same rights as any other member. If you reply to another artist please do so in a friendly manner and let’s always remember to encourage others as we would want to be encouraged.

Number of People: 3434

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The Color Bubble

Hello and thanks for stopping by! This group focuses on the wonderful world of adult coloring! You will find that we focus on being informative, encouraging, and supportive!

Number of People: 3626

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Colouring For Adults – Malaysia ASEAN

A group for Malaysians to share a common interest – adult coloring. Adult coloring has become the trendiest thing this past year but countless colorists all over the world know that this activity is not a recent fad. Not many aware that Dover Publication has been publishing adult coloring books since mid 70s. However it is something new in Malaysia and this group’s goal is to create awareness among Malaysians about this therapeutic activity. It’s fun and helps your mind to relax, yes literally.

Number of People: 3879

Visit Group: Colouring For Adults – Malaysia ASEAN

Adult Coloring For everyone! Beginner to advanced!

Adult coloring books are being marketed to stressed-out, work-addled adults, who want to benefit from the quiet zen that a coloring session can bring.

Number of People: 3899

Visit Group: Adult Coloring For everyone! Beginner to advanced!

Adult Colouring & All Round Chit Chat

I have created this page for everyone to share their lovely creations but also for you to share free pages on pinterest or websites and to recommend books, pens/pencils and much much more.. but also to have a good chit chat about problems or to make new friends

Number of People: 4579

Visit Group: Adult Colouring & All Round Chit Chat

The Artistic Outlet

Digital or Fine Art, Design,and Photography. Artist to Audience. No Nudity or Violent image postings allowed. Please only 5 postings per day.

Number of People: 5015

Visit Group: The Artistic Outlet

50 Shades of Colouring (Mind Wellness)

Enjoy your colouring experience and please post your COLOURED pages crediting the artist or the source..

Number of People: 5055

Visit Group: 50 Shades of Colouring (Mind Wellness)

ColoUring for Weirdos

This group is for people who love the weird, wild and wacky! We’re all about humoUr in here and we want to see your bloopers, your funny pictures, and most of all, to get you laughing. Have fun! Respect one another.

Number of People: 5094

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Coloristas y Peluqueros de Chile (“Colorimetría para todos”)

Bienvenidos colegas y estudiantes, el propósito de este grupo es que compartamos nuestros trabajos y conocimientos entre todos nosotros para que así los peluqueros chilenos demos cada día un mejor servicio a nuestras clientas y clientes y además de conocernos y participar juntos en eventos. Que la vida los ilumine siempre!!!

Number of People: 5319

Visit Group: Coloristas y Peluqueros de Chile (“Colorimetría para todos”)

Creative People

مولد مبروك الناس الكل الي يحبنا و الي يكرهنا

Number of People: 5409

Visit Group: Creative People

Colouring Creates Calm

A group for adults to share hints and tips and pictures from their colouring pursuits.

Number of People: 5632

Visit Group: Colouring Creates Calm

Beginners and Beyond Adult Coloring Group.

This is an adult coloring group for beginners to learn new techniques and for advanced colorists to share their knowledge so we can all become better colorists.

Number of People: 6263

Visit Group: Beginners and Beyond Adult Coloring Group

Creative People

For those of you who love art.Hi friends welcome , post your works paintings , photo ( please do not post porn links) . Please add a description and author’s works. thank you.

Number of People: 8236

Visit Group: Creative People

Colour, relax & having fun

Welcome to Colour, relax & having fun :):):) Share your colorful shopping hauls, show us your book/product reviews, share your works in progress, finished products, if you are an artist please feel free to share your work, ANYTHING coloring related is welcome here! Just make sure you read and follow the rules! Thanks so much for joining us!

Number of People: 9069

Visit Group: Colour, relax & having fun

Butterfly Enthusiast

Our mission at Butterfly Enthusiast is to promote and celebrate the wild butterfly in a supportive, interactive and educational setting. Welcome are photos of butterflies from your garden and the field, in all stages of development.

Number of People: 9327

Visit Group: Butterfly Enthusiast

Adult Colouring

A group to meet fellow colourers. Whether you use colouring to relax, as therapy or just for fun, here is the best place to meet others & share your work

Number of People: 9814

Visit Group: Adult Colouring

Creative Therapy Adult Coloring Books

Welcome to the Official page of Creative Therapy Coloring Books! Creative Therapy launched in June of 2015 to inspire adults to release their creativity through art therapy. We are here to inspire you and bring joy. Join our group to stay up to date with new book release, daily inspirational posts and awesome giveaways and contests.

Number of People: 10215

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Colour Me Crazy! Adult Colouring in Group

A page for like minded Colouring In Fans to share their latest works! While this is primarily a page for those into colouring, you are more than welcome to discuss and show off ANY creative endeavors. (WARNING! – the making of new friends MAY be a by product of membership of this group.) Enjoy!

Number of People: 14566

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Adult Coloring Group

For grown-up kids who appreciate the beauty and meditation of coloring (in many forms). Post your works and be inspired!

Number of People: 15871

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Adult Coloring Worldwide

Adult Coloring Worldwide is the leader in supporting coloring book artists, coloring books and colouring in pages.

Number of People: 23230

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Coloring Books for Adults

If you have requested to join the group, please be patient. We are experiencing very high request rates, and it may take up to a day for us to approve your request. Our approval process takes a bit longer than some, but it helps to cut down on the number of “fake” and “spam” accounts that get into the group, which helps make the group a more pleasant place to hang out.

Number of People: 42177

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All Facebook Adult Coloring Groups Great And Small Page 2

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Adult Coloring Group Philippines

Number of People: 612

Visit Group: Adult Coloring Group Philippines

Our Love of Coloring

This is 4 any1 and every1 who likes 2 color whether it be your own creation coloring pages coloring books this is just so we all can make new friends have fun relax and enjoy

Number of People: 615

Visit Group: Our Love of Coloring

coloriage anti stress nos coloriages

bonjours a tous vous pouvez montrer vos coloriages sur ce groupe bon coloriage a tous

Number of People: 646

Visit Group: coloriage anti stress nos coloriages

Books and Fairy Dust

A Group to Buy, Sell, or Trade, New & Used Books, Cards, Cd’s.

Number of People: 648

Visit Group: Books and Fairy Dust

Just for fun adult colouring

A fun and light hearted group to share love of colouring with like minded people. No toleration of bullying or been unkind. Trouble causing will also not be tolerated. We aim to keep it light and fun and enjoy each other’s pictures and chat

Number of People: 681

Visit Group: Just for fun adult colouring


Coloreds Only

Number of People: 701

Visit Group: Coloreds Only

Art for Calm’s Sake

This is a group for anyone who wants to share their art, coloring, painting, knitting, crafts, anything that helps someone with stress relief, pain management, and mental illness in their lives. This is a calm and supportive place where we support each other through various illnesses, whether physical or mental and share our art. We welcome all types of art!

Number of People: 719

Visit Group: Art for Calm’s Sake

Coloring File Cabinet

I belong to so many coloring groups and there are good, no-wonderful things in all of them but it is all spread out. it is my intention with this group to bring all our resources together. This will not be a chat group but where you can come to find your favorite artist, few pictures, tips and techniques, reviews by your fellow colorists and more.

Number of People: 724

Visit Group: Coloring File Cabinet

Art, Meditation, Mental Health

Art, Meditation & Mental Health discussion hosted by Sandra Clarke’s Adult Colouring Books, Meditation Art Journals, Illustrated Cards, Illustrated Card Club Subscriptions, and a new platform will be announced soon! “Drawing is my mindful meditation. It helps me deal with my mental health issues. Creating calm while making bipolar 2 my super power. “

Number of People: 727

Visit Group: Art, Meditation, Mental Health

Coloring Book Swap

An opportunity to trade/sell books and supplies with other members. Post items and be sure to include a description that can include title, publisher, examples of pages, condition and how many pages are available to color in the book. The more info included with each book the more likely other members will want to swap. It’s always a plus to know what you’re expecting.

Number of People: 727

Visit Group: Coloring Book Swap

Anti-Stress Adult Coloring Book Group

Rules, Please Read: This is a group for members to chat about coloring books and coloring book related items, review coloring books and show off completed coloring pages. Artists may promote their coloring books or their coloring book related Kickstarter campaign. This is not a source for free coloring pages. Do not post any free coloring pages. If you are an artist that wants to give away free page samples as a way to promote yourself or a coloring book please leave a link to the source. If you post your completed coloring pages please give credit to the book and artist. It will be deleted if you don’t follow this rule. Artists spend many hours creating those pages so give them proper credit. If you are unsure of the artist you may cite the book name and publisher. Any uncolored pages shown by artists must be watermarked. Keep it clean, no risque images allowed. No drama and no nastygrams please smile emoticon

Number of People: 744

Visit Group: Anti-Stress Adult Coloring Book Group

Coloriage Quebec

Bienvenue sur “Coloriage Québec”. Ce groupe a d’abord été conçu pour les francophones du Canada addicts de coloriage mais sachez que absolument tout le monde est le bienvenu!

Number of People: 744

Visit Group: Coloriage Quebec

Coloriage Zen – Art Therapie

Bonjour à toutes et à tous smile emoticon Ce groupe est destiné au partage de notre passion –> le Coloriage smile emoticon Nous vous demandons donc, de ne poster ici que vos œuvres.Nous refusons toutes sortes de PUB pour une page, un groupe ou autre…

Number of People: 774

Visit Group: Coloriage Zen – Art Therapie

The Best Independent Coloring Books

The Best Independent Coloring Books for Adults is a place for those of us who publish independently to promote our books.

Number of People: 774

Visit Group: The Best Independent Coloring Books

The Coloring MarketPlace

The Best Independent Coloring Books for Adults is a place for those of us who publish independently to promote our books.

Number of People: 774

Visit Group: The Coloring MarketPlace

Adult Colouring Addicts Australia

This is a place where you can share your fav pictures, discuss your fav pencils, markers & all that is related to adult colouring DON’T JOIN TO POST YOUR OWN COLOURING PAGE/GROUP. I WORKED HARD TO GAIN MY MEMBERS WITHOUT EVER USING ANOTHER COLOURING GROUP OR PAGE.

Number of People: 789

Visit Group: Adult Colouring Addicts Australia

London Ontario Adults Colouring Club

Coloring for adults can help with anxiety and is a great easy way for anyone to be a bit artistic:)

Number of People: 793

Visit Group: London Ontario Adults Colouring Club

Coloring Isn’t Just For Kids

Add on group for Coloring Isn’t Just For Kids Facebook page.Please everyone share your pages you have colored

Number of People: 798

Visit Group: Coloring Isn’t Just For Kids


Art Therapy Relaxes Me

Hello and welcome to Art Therapy Relaxes Me, the aim of this group is for people who have mental health issues to share their brilliant art pieces be it painting, colouring in, sketches you name it as well as supporting each other through hard times.

Number of People: 845

Visit Group: Art Therapy Relaxes Me

Mindfulness Colouring for Adults Australia

My best friend and I started this group for Sharing tips, tricks, book reviews, colour palettes, works in progress, finished colourings & more All things colouring related welcome.

Number of People: 856

Visit Group: Mindfulness Colouring for Adults Australia

Colors Addict: Coloriages Anti-Stress Peintures

Bonjour à tous, vous êtes Colors Addict? Ce groupe est fait pour vous! Venez ici partager avec nous vos coloriages anti stress mais aussi vos propres créations, peintures, dessins etc!

Number of People: 865

Visit Group: Colors Addict: Coloriages Anti-Stress Peintures

Coloring and Art Therapy 2

This is a place to talk about coloring and art therapy in general. it is also a place for those of us with mental health issues like PTSD, anxiety, bipolar and more to support and encourage one another.

Number of People: 880

Visit Group: Coloring and Art Therapy 2

Adult Colouring UK Sell And Swap

Learn more about buying and selling in Groups on Facebook.

Number of People: 897

Visit Group: Adult Colouring UK Sell And Swap

International Coloring Club

A page to share completed coloring projects, for artists to share their free color pages and general coloring fun!

Number of People: 921

Visit Group: International Coloring Club

Happy Coloring for Adults

This group is for all adults who love to color. It is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. It is also great for those of us who have chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia and Lupus….to name a couple. It is going to be drama free. There will be no ugliness of any kind allowed. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all.

Number of People: 939

Visit Group: Happy Coloring for Adults


Adult Colouring Addicts

We’re a pretty easy going bunch and only have two rules1. No bullying. No matter your skill level, we love to see all your pictures. 2. No advertising. There are plenty of other groups where you can plug your own books. This isn’t one of them.

Number of People: 946

Visit Group: Adult Colouring Addicts

Adult Colouring in for Fun

For adults who colour for fun, relaxation and therapy to post their creations and any tips.

Number of People: 978

Visit Group: Adult Colouring in for Fun


Coloriage Art Therapy Anti-Stress

Salut à tous petit groupe pour partager vos créations vos suggestions vos idées

Number of People: 991

Visit Group: Coloriage Art Therapy Anti-Stress

MauindiArts Colouring Group

This group is for those that enjoy MauindiArts designs, a place to see new prints, give feedback and share coloured pieces. You can also show other designs you have coloured, please share, we’d love to see them!

Number of People: 1071

Visit Group: MauindiArts Colouring Group

Tangled Coloring In Books by Jane Monk

A place to share your coloring in pages from the coloring book Tangled Treasures by Jane Monk.

Number of People: 1075

Visit Group: Tangled Coloring In Books by Jane Monk

The Coloring Place

Welcome aboard! Happy to have you! Share your work, ask questions, make yourself at home.

Number of People: 1076

Visit Group: The Coloring Place

Relaxing Coloring For Adults

This group is for adults who like to color and want a relaxing group to share anything related to coloring. smile emoticon No drama will be allowed in here and I would like to keep everything peaceful. Everyone is welcome to converse and vent about things as they wish.

Number of People: 1078

Visit Group: Relaxing Coloring For Adults


Butterfly Loverzzz

This is a friendly group for people who love butterflies!! Share butterfly pics with friends & maybe this group will expand to more things. Always be nice, polite & courteous to others. No foul language pls because there are children & Christians in this group thank you!! No advertising allowed!!

Number of People: 1086

Visit Group: Butterfly Loverzzz

Coloring and Art Therapy

Coloring Therapy is for anyone that uses coloring to deal with stress, anxiety, or mental health issues. It is a place to share both our coloring and our struggles. Please don’t tell people what to do but rather what has worked for you, so they may chose what will work for them. Coloring has changed my life and I hope to help others. I will try my best to bring us information about dealing with our issues as well as how coloring helps.

Number of People: 1111

Visit Group: Coloring and Art Therapy

Coloring for Hobby

This is a group for people who love to color with crayons colored pencils and markers.

Number of People: 1161

Visit Group: Coloring for Hobby

Adults Who Love Kids Coloring Books

ATTENTION MEMBERS: Scroll down for links to challenge page and albums. Also, see comments for current month’s daily challenges.

Number of People: 1189

Visit Group: Adults Who Love Kids Coloring Books

Colouring Book Addicts

The group is for adults who like to colour colouring books. This is where you can show all of your pretty pictures off. Share the group with your friends and family. The more members we have the more advice, friends and beautiful picture we will all see. There are some really beautiful books out there so please share the books you like. Let us know if you see any special deals on books , pencils or pens . Give your opinion on good equipment that you like to use.

Number of People: 1289

Visit Group: Colouring Book Addicts

Keep Calm and Colour

Hi and Welcome to Keep Calm and Colour, my new and exciting group for all us Colouring Addicts. I want this place to be as relaxed and as friendly as possible for us all so we can enjoy our love of colouring. Although I don’t want to have many strict rules, I do have a few rules in place just to keep the group ticking over nicely.

Number of People: 1317

Visit Group: Keep Calm and Colour


Color Me Creative

a fun group for the CMC (Color Me Creative) site where news, events and projects will be posted. All are welcome to post questions, ideas and projects to the group!

Number of People: 1336

Visit Group: Color Me Creative

Coloring On The Edge For Adults

Welcome to Coloring on the Edge. Hi, my name is Karlon Douglas and I started this awesome coloring group for all you fanfreakintastic colorists out there. Being an artist myself, I don’t get a lot of time to color my illustrations because I am so busy drawing and making YouTube videos but I love to see everyone’s interpretation of the many great artist’s work out there, so that is why I started this group.

Number of People: 1355

Visit Group: Coloring On The Edge For Adults


What a Colourful World

Welcome to my colourful corner of FB. This group is where I keep and share the colouring pages I find around the interwebs. Feel free to print and share your finished work with us by manking your very own album to show off! If you find any neat pages or links, be sure to post and share!!

Number of People: 1434

Visit Group: What a Colourful World

Adult Coloring Books Promotion

This group is for artists who want to promote their adult coloring books. The aim of the group is to give an insight into coloring books new releases and promotions

Number of People: 1495

Visit Group: Adult Coloring Books Promotion


SPOTLIGHT on the Art & Artists of Coloring

Spotlight on the Art & Artists of Coloring is a group for colorists 18 years and older to enhance their coloring skills, enjoy their coloring and be part of a coloring community. We will have Artists offer ideas for techniques, sharing drawings, providing tips, and advertising of their art.

Number of People: 1517

Visit Group: SPOTLIGHT on the Art & Artists of Coloring

Serious About Coloring

A place for those who love to color, young and old.

Number of People: 1548

Visit Group: Serious About Coloring


Art therapy particularly colouring has been known to improve our wellbeing and is a very relaxing therapy. It has been proven to improve general wellbeing physically and mentally.

Number of People: 1599



A Life of Colour – Adult Colouring

This is an adult colouring group for people all over the world. It doesnt matter if you are new to colouring or an experienced colourist, there is no judgement only encouragement.People colour for different reasons and we only ask that you enjoy what you do and have fun!Happy colouring!

Number of People: 1635

Visit Group: A Life of Colour – Adult Colouring



The place for adult color enthusiasts to show off their work, share resources and hang out with those they love.

Number of People: 1678

Visit Group: ColorBinge

Adult Coloring Crave and Crafts

This is a family oriented group for ages 16 to however old you want to be today. We are a group for sharing coloring and craft projects as well as art , creative ideas and tips.If you would like to share anything with the group such as mediums, crafts ,ideas,tips, tricks or coupons useful to this site feel free to do so ,but remember when posting other peoples art PLEASE give credit to the artist.We all like to receive compliments on what we do so feel free to compliment and critique as it will help us grow and to learn .Remember to have fun everyone and color and craft on

Number of People: 1726

Visit Group: Adult Coloring Crave and Crafts

Keep Calm and Color

A place to share coloring book pages and books. No crazy stuff allowed unless it’s creative. No stress, just relax and color.

Number of People: 1726

Visit Group: Keep Calm and Color


The Colouring Bank – A Not for Profit Association

This page is solely for the purpose of donations of colouring supplies. No selling of supplies alowed.

Number of People: 1727

Visit Group: The Colouring Bank – A Not for Profit Association


Adult Coloring Crave and Crafts

This is a family oriented group for ages 16 to however old you want to be today. We are a group for sharing coloring and craft projects as well as art , creative ideas and tips.If you would like to share anything with the group such as mediums, crafts ,ideas,tips, tricks or coupons useful to this site feel free to do so ,but remember when posting other peoples art PLEASE give credit to the artist.We all like to receive compliments on what we do so feel free to compliment and critique as it will help us grow and to learn .

Number of People: 1760

Visit Group: Adult Coloring Crave and Crafts


A Colorful Place to Play

Welcome! I am so happy you are here! I created this group for those who have joined me on this Colorful Journey. I have connected with so many amazing creative souls in person and on-line and I would love to introduce you all to each other!

Number of People: 1999

Visit Group: A Colorful Place to Play


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All Facebook Adult Coloring Groups Great And Small

There is a lively collection of adult coloring groups on Facebook and we’ve been asking the broader community, “What do you enjoy most about being a member of an adult coloring group on FB?”

The answers are almost unanimous – regardless of how big or small the group, members are attracted to:

  • learning new things,
  • helping out others,
  • getting inspiration for their own coloring projects
  • meeting new people world wide
  • getting the insider reviews on books and materials

We think it’s hard to top the growing community of coloring enthusiasts the world over, so we collected all the current FB groups we could find and listed them here for you!

Top Facebook Groups for Adult Coloring

Whether you’re a budding colorist or an experienced one, Facebook has countless thriving communities where you can share your coloring projects, discuss art, participate in coloring competitions or share your mindfulness experiences with like-minded people all across the globe. Adult coloring is a new super-relaxing trend. Due to its therapeutic nature, it’s proven to reduce anxiety and make you more productive. If you haven’t joined any Facebook group for adult coloring yet, you should join one (or as many as you may like) before wasting a minute.

For your convenience, given below is a list of all the top adult coloring groups that exist on Facebook. See which ones you like, visit the group on Facebook, hit the ‘Join Group’ button and start having fun. Don’t be surprised if you also make some lifetime friends along the way.

Addicted Colorists Anonymous

This is a new group for users who like to color to share their wip (works in progress) tips and pages.

Number of People: 7
Visit Group: Addicted Colorists Anonymous

Coloriage d Aurore Briault

Number of People: 7
Visit Group: Coloriage d Aurore Briault

Color Pencil Colorists 2

This is a group for people who love to color with colored pencils. Post some work, get and give support. Beginners welcome.

Number of People: 15
Visit Group: Color Pencil Colorists 2

New England Colorists

New England Colorists is a group for coloring enthusiasts to share coloring pictures, information on deals and finds at local stores, and support. Folks from outside New England are also welcome! Anyone can post pictures and make comments. I ask that the tips on stores, etc. will be New England based.

Number of People: 21
Visit Group: New England Colorists

Coloring for Fun

Number of People: 30
Visit Group: Coloring for Fun

Coloring in for USA Only

A colouring group for the USA x keep it nice please x no swearing x

Number of People: 38
Visit Group: Coloring in for USA Only

Coloring News & Fun

We color because it is fun, creative and helps relieve stress!

Number of People: 40
Visit Group: Coloring News & Fun

Kiwis Who Colour

This group is for New Zealanders on line and in groups who enjoy colouring. We also welcome our friends in Oz. Please feel free to post pictures you have coloured … start a conversation … make a friend (or 2) … ask a question. Please do not advertise on this page without asking permission first.

Number of People: 116
Visit Group: Kiwis Who Colour

We Heart Coloring

Do you like to color? So do we! Share resources (favorite coloring books, markers, pencils, artists) and colorings. Identify the source, so we can all find it! Have fun! #JustColor

Number of People: 120
Visit Group: We Heart Coloring

Coloring Talk

This is a fun place to talk about our colorings, our life adventures and also to share our amazing talents we have in an art form that was always thought to be just for grade school! This group is for ALL levels of skill!!!! No shaming and NO talking negative about each others work!

Number of People: 121
Visit Group: Coloring Talk

Tattoo Flash Coloring Book Group

Anyone can post artwork here smile emoticon I am not a Shithead like most admins on Facebook…. I want you to share what you do best.

Number of People: 131
Visit Group: Tattoo Flash Coloring Book Group

Christian Colouring Group

If there is nothing on your facebook page indicating you are a Christian – you will need to share with admin more about yourself and your walk with god and the Church denomination you belong to.  This is a group for Bible believing followers of Christ only to uplift and encourage Christians while colouring and being creative in a social environment.

Number of People: 137
Visit Group: Christian Colouring Group

Color Creations

I would love to share what we color. What tools do we use?

Number of People: 138
Visit Group: Color Creations

Color Therapy

This is a place to share your latest color creation and tell us more about yourself!

Number of People: 148
Visit Group: Color Therapy

Coloring Friends

This is a group that I created that includes the individuals I’ve met or have corresponded with through mine and their interest in coloring. It includes friends throughout the world.

Number of People: 150
Visit Group: Coloring Friends

Coloring Happiness

The rules are the following : 1) All posts should be appropriate and tasteful. 2)There will be no negative comments to any posts. 3)Biblical quotes are encouraged if the quote had inspired your coloring on the pic you post. PLEASE, give explanation about your inspiration in order for others to possibly be inspiring. (This is not a must, but it is encouraged.

Number of People: 159
Visit Group: Coloring Happiness

Adults Who Love to Color

A place for us to share our work. Please feel free to add any adult you know who loves to color.

Number of People: 164
Visit Group: Adults Who Love to Color

Adult Coloring Books

Here is a group that encourages adults to use colouring as a method of relaxation, or as art therapy! But if you have a craft you enjoy doing please share your work!!! We are all normal people learning new skills no nasty comments please….. If you dislike something then scroll past. No vulgar work please this will be removed as will nasty comments! Go fourth and colour! Relax its the best thing you can do to get rid of stress. Imagine all you need to worry about for as little ten minutes or as much as you want just what colours you need or will use…… Where adults become children again!

Number of People: 208
Visit Group: Adult Coloring Books

The Colouring Notebook

Follow our works of colouring art and get inspired! Show us your notebook collections, colouring books, stationery and all things colour!

Number of People: 209
Visit Group: The Colouring Notebook

Artists Rhode Island

A group for local artist from the Rhode Island and vicinity area. A place to exchange ideas, advise, get and give feedback, show our creations, announce exhibits, art fairs and support to all artists.

Number of People: 217
Visit Group: Artists Rhode Island

Peace, Love & Coloring

It’s not what you color or how you color… just as long as you color! Peace, Love, & Coloring is a group designed with everyone in mind, whether you color your own designs or those in books, whether you like to color inside or outside the lines, whether you use pencils, crayons, or markers – you can join our group to display and share your coloring pages, tips, and other information about coloring.

Number of People: 217
Visit Group: Peace, Love & Coloring

Dotty’s Adult Coloring Group

This group is for anyone who enjoys coloring and peaceful time. It’s a way to show your true colors. Stress free enjoyment. I’m going to try to get a group of people together in the Palm City, Stuart, Port St. Lucie area one night a week for coffee and cake or wine and cheese and a fun night out at my place to work on our books. If anyone is interested, post and let me know.

Number of People: 218
Visit Group: Dotty’s Adult Coloring Group

Coloring Creates Calm

This group is a place for people to come relax and enjoy some free time. I do ask that it be kept PG and G rated cause it is a group for all ages.

Number of People: 243
Visit Group: Coloring Creates Calm

Coloring Family

This group is about coloring. It isn’t just about adult coloring books. Its coloring in general. You can use children’s coloring books, adults and even digital coloring. Its just a place to meet and have fun. So happy coloring

Number of People: 249
Visit Group: Coloring Family

Let’s Color Everyone

This is for everyone that loves to color. And would love to share. I just ask the we are nice to each other. And do not copyright on anyone. And if you have exter books are anything that you want to trade sale you can do it here. But this will be up to you to Handel it. So let’s have fun..

Number of People: 249
Visit Group: Let’s Color Everyone

Coloring Around The World

Welcome to the “Coloring Around The World” group page. This where I’ll be posting updates regarding this little global coloring project of mine and participants may use this as a venue to communicate with each other about the project, as well. Participants may also post their own updates, and soon, photos of the pages they’ve finished coloring in. Thank you so much for joining and I hope everyone enjoys this

Number of People: 261
Visit Group: Coloring Around The World

Relax with Art

This is a group where we all share our art, no rude comments towards others or u will find yourself out of here… enjoy

Number of People: 288
Visit Group: Relax with Art

Adult Coloring Group – Color You

This is an over 18 Adult Coloring Group where anybody that wants to post tips tricks or ANYTHING related to coloring is allowed! Also if you wanna chat, get something out or need support I’m sure we are all here to help and guide! There are wonderful people in this group and I have no doubt we will all support one another smile emoticon. Having a bad day or good shout out! Oh and if you are having a bad day we have a great collection of swear words for you to color to get your frustration out lol!

Number of People: 295
Visit Group: Adult Coloring Group – Color You

Young at Heart Coloring

We are all here to share our colored pictures from Secret Garden, Enchanted Forrest, etc. Sit back, relax and stay calm by coloring. Trust me it helps.

Number of People: 302
Visit Group: Young at Heart Coloring

Children & Adult Coloring Pages

This is for all coloring books and you can also show the pages you have colored from any color book or page you can also print them out for yourself and children or grand kids this is a drama free zone if you start drama of any kind you will be removed and blocked plz only post coloring pages or colored pages ty FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY! NO SALES MAY BE DONE ON ITEMS MADE FROM THESE TY

Number of People: 315
Visit Group: Children & Adult Coloring Pages

Fifty Shades of Color

A place for colorists! We love coloring and sharing our projects to inspire others!! Let’s face it, coloring keeps us out of jail. Hahahaha Welcome and have fun!

Number of People: 321
Visit Group: Fifty Shades of Color

Coloring for Adults NZ & Worldwide

Hi from New Zealand! This group is for anyone that has a love of coloring, and a passion for collecting coloring books. Coloring has been proven to be an anti-stress past time, and who says we’re too old to get out our felts and pencils right!!

Number of People: 356
Visit Group: Coloring for Adults NZ & Worldwide

Coloring for Everyone

This is a place where everyone can share their work and share coloring related things.

Number of People: 377
Visit Group: Coloring for Everyone

Local Artists, Merchants and Retailer

To be a member of this group please be a local artist, curator or retailer who creates and/or sells and/or supports art and handcrafted products. Requesting membership in order to sell Ray Bans and other mass produced items of such is not acceptable.

Number of People: 383
Visit Group: Local Artists, Merchants and Retailers

Colouring Addicts and Colourists

Hi this page is going to be about people addicted to colouring adult books smile emoticon we can chat about different materials used and show pictures of our creations

Number of People: 416
Visit Group: Colouring Addicts and Colourists

Coloring Outside the Lines

Outside the Lines is a group for ADULTS who enjoy coloring but also enjoy images that are a little more risque or edgy than what is shared in alot of other coloring groups!

Number of People: 421
Visit Group: Coloring Outside the Lines

Colouring Angels

Colouring angels is a group for people who like to colour for fun help with stress anxiety and depression also a place to have a chat among friends share work and colouring book and pen pencil reviews

Number of People: 438
Visit Group: Colouring Angels

Art as Therapy

I believe art is therapy..and any creating is art

Number of People: 446
Visit Group: Art as Therapy

Coloring with Friends

A cozy place for us to share our coloring pages, tips, and unique ideas and techniques. Most of all just sit back, relax and enjoy yourself.

Number of People: 488
Visit Group: Coloring with Friends

Coloring Items for Sale

This group is for artists to display items they have for sale using coloring designs. It can be a book, mug, shirt or whatever you decide to create and sell. Promote your art here.

Number of People: 503
Visit Group: Coloring Items for Sale

Colouring in UK and Ireland Only

The rules are no swearing x no being rude x if you are u will be removed x this is a nice group for people to enjoy colouring in and have a lovely chat x not for selling items that aren’t for colouring in x please note this is for UK and Ireland Residents only x

Number of People: 508
Visit Group: Colouring in UK and Ireland Only

I Love Adult Coloring Books

Welcome to our group. We’re here to show our love for coloring and to share tips and tricks. Please feel free to share your colored art here.

Number of People: 513
Visit Group: I Love Adult Coloring Books

Coloring for Fun

For adults of all ages who love to color and appreciate the art of others.

Number of People: 544
Visit Group: Coloring for Fun

Adult Coloring USA

This group is for anyone who enjoys the world of adult coloring or would like to learn more about this form of Art Therapy! Share ideas, work in progress, completed masterpieces, book collections, and enjoy time spent with friendly conversation!

Number of People: 558
Visit Group: Adult Coloring USA

Colour Me True

Come share your coloured pictures, drawings & show us your stash of colourings books and media. All reviews on books, pens & pencils are welcome. Please NO selling on here without prior approval from Admin. Also NO posting links to other groups. Thank you.

Number of People: 565
Visit Group: Colour Me True

Coloring Club

A place to share all your beautiful creations! I was thinking we could post a monthly (or weekly) picture that people can print from home. We could all color it and share our work. It will be fun to see how different they all are. If you don’t have time to color this months/weeks page NO WORRIES! This is just for fun!

Number of People: 574
Visit Group: Coloring Club

Colouring is Addicting

A place to chat and post out beautiful work and any freebies to share. If you have pics of colouring pages i.e. In coloured ones apps feel free and advertise your adult page group or what ever I have really enjoyed this hobby and I hope many more do too feel free to share the group with ur wall and or others one rule though don’t put down what ppl colour every piece of art had beauty we aren’t here to be mean we are here for fun.

Number of People: 576
Visit Group: Colouring is Addicting

Adult Coloring Group

I made this group with the various friends I’ve noticed have the same hobby. I thought it might be nice to share our work, favorite coloring pages and anything else!

Number of People: 599
Visit Group: Adult Coloring Group

Crafty Coloring Club

This is a place for me to share my coloring books and pages and for people to show off how they colored them in! I’d like to see how you finished pictures from my books, but you are welcome to share any coloring at all

Number of People: 599
Visit Group: Crafty Coloring Club


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