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drawing a double exposure portrait with colored pencils

How to Draw a Double Exposure Portrait Using Colored Pencils

Do you like double exposure portraits? If you like them just too much, what about drawing one yourself – using colored pencils? A double exposure portrait is actually a combination of two pictures to create something striking. Usually, these portraits present a dream-like state.

Emmy Kalia, an accomplished artist from the Netherlands, knows really well how to draw one of these portraits.

If you are interested, you should follow Emmy as she goes on to create a wonderful double exposure portrait in this tutorial. She starts with a primary outline, draws the eyes, colors the skin and creates some trees. The hair strokes are amazing and the finalized portrait will simply blow your mind.

Watch the video now to believe it!

[Materials Used: Bristol smooth surface paper, Faber Castell polychromos pencils, Faber Castell pencil eraser, Caran d’ache luminance pencils, White uni posca 0.7mm]

fb coloring group survey

FB Coloring Groups


I’m Andrea from Inkovator and you are the reason I’m here!

My team and I set our daily goal to make this world a bit brighter, a bit easier and a bit more joyful than yesterday and coloring has quickly become our favorite way to achieve this.

We love coloring and we love to help more reap the benefits from coloring.

That’s why we ask questions.

By taking a moment to fill in this survey, you allow us to develop programs and opportunities to make coloring more accessible to a broader public.

Thank you for taking a moment to fill in this survey.

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Grown Up Coloring Book Christmas Bonanza

On Dec. 7, 2015, Inkovator had the privilege to host the first ever Grown Up Coloring Book Christmas Bonanza with a total of 12 amazing coloring book artists.

It was a 12 hour FB event and free for all our guests.  Loads of fun games, give-aways and surprises and over all a blast for both colorists and artists alike!

And a fantastic turn out of 1140 guests through-out the day, truly an event which brought colorists from around the globe together and bridged the gap between artist and colorer.

Thank you to the following artists for making this such a grand kick off to Coloring Book Bonanzas with Inkovator:

We had so much fun that we decided to repeat these events more often in the new year!

If you want to stay in the loop, why not sign up to get notified of our upcoming events?  Click here (the image or the words “Click here”):

coloring book bonanza

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