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auraknot zentangle tutorial

How to Draw Auraknot (Tangle Pattern)

Have you ever heard of the term ‘auraknot’? If you have a passion for Zentangle Art, auraknot is something you would love playing with. The auraknot drawing is as interesting as the term itself.

Zentangle for all ages

The art of Zentangling is fast catching up with people of all age groups. There’s simply no limit to how many beautiful patterns you can create using this method. Different people are using Zentangle to achieve different purposes or derive different benefits. Using this art form, you can even describe how you feel. And what you create can be as beautiful as any gift.

Zentangle is easy to learn

The Zentangle method is easy to learn for anyone. It’s not just relaxing and fun to draw various eye-catching patterns, but this self-soothing drawing technique actually touches lives. If you feel stressed, confused and depressed, Zentangling is something that will improve your life. The method is so effective that it allows you to redirect your focus and feel relaxed almost immediately. You can practice this art form in a public place, a private place or a school environment.

Falling in love with Zentangling

People are falling in love with Zentangle because –

> It’s relaxing
> It’s entertaining
> It’s motivating
> It’s artistic
> It’s therapeutic

The 1-2-3 of Zentangling

Usually, Zentangles are created on square tiles measuring 3.5 inches. It’s always drawn in black ink and on heavy white paper.

This art form is different from other forms of drawing or painting because it’s meditative in nature. It doesn’t use any type of technology and yet it’s very powerful and celebratory.

To create a piece of Zentangle art, you need to pay full attention.

Talking on the phone or listening to music or a lecture is going to stifle the huge payoff of zentangling.

Start with:

Simple steps that summarize the process of creating Zentangle art include:

> Start with the right supplies (white paper, pencil, black pen)
> Draw the outline or the border
> Draw a string inside the border
> Create a tangle
> Don’t erase mistakes
> Keep going on until you are done

Must follow rule?

Most importantly, Zantangle is something where you are not allowed to erase your mistakes.

That’s why you should draw any pattern that you like with adequate attention and intent focus. This way, Zentangle teaches you the life-learning lesson of adjusting to your imperfections.

When you first have a glance at this drawing, you’ll feel that it’s complex. But once you understand the steps, you’ll know how simple it is and how much fun it can be.

Basically, you begin with a series of points which can be in any order (or any way) as long as they are connected at the end. You join the edges and then draw the aura. You can draw the tangle pattern and stop after some time or just keep going around until there’s no more space left.

There are multiple variations that you can use to tangle the auraknot. The possibilities of auraknot drawing are many, and the fun endless.

Given below is a video which shows you how to draw auraknot.

How to Draw Botanical Doodle

How to Draw Botanical Doodle

There are many ways to relax in a stressful life. One of the most less-expensive and beautiful of them is using the Zentangle Method. This art of drawing beautiful, repetitive patterns is widely used by a large number of people of different age groups. If you want to entertain and motivate yourself, whether alone or in a group setting, the Zentangle Art provides you with endless drawing techniques.

Zentangle – One of the Best Ways to Express Your Personal Feelings

If life is an art form, Zentangle is one of the best ways to express it. No matter what skills you possess or what age group you belong to, Zentangling welcomes anyone and everyone. Zentangle is an art form which allows you to explore the possibilities of turning repetitive patterns into beautiful images. While drawing Zentangles, you aren’t restricted by any specific rules or guidelines. All you need to do is let yourself free, keep yourself focused and enjoy drawing patterns that don’t just look good to the eye but also express personal feelings.

In an age of mobile phones and computers, Zentangle is something that lets your celebrate human heritage. It promotes cross-cultural influences and helps you enter into a state of relaxation. Just have a black pen and a piece of white paper and you are ready to create treasured work of art.

Zentangle Offers Plenty of Benefits

It’s truly interesting to find out how people around the globe are using Zentangle to rediscover themselves. There are numerous benefits that you can derive from using Zentangle and Doodle art. A lot of people are practising this art form to reduce stress, manage anger, modify behavior, increase self-esteem, boost concentration, improve handwriting and treat panic attacks.

Drawing Botanical Doodle

Drawing Botanical doodle is a good way to understand how useful the Zentangle Art can be for people who want to relax and grow personally.

When starting to draw Botanical doodle, you need to create the outline first. But before you start, you should think about the place where you would like to draw the main flowers. And then you can start filling in the blank spaces with different kind of patterns you may like. Balance is an important part of Botanical doodle drawing, so always keep that in mind.

Use thicker and finer pens as per specific requirements of the drawing process. To become perfect with this Zentangle drawing, you should also practice shading as much as possible.

Here’s a video which walks you through the steps required to create a beautiful Botanical doodle art.

How I’m Controlling My Depression & Anxiety – A Fan’s Point Of View

MsCreepyX has been a fan of coloring books for a while now and she recently reached out to Inkovator with this video.

Here she shares a mental health update with our community and highlights the value in being able to engage in safe activities which are low cost, low impact and yet have a high stress-relief value.

Adult coloring – freakin’ awesome, medication-free stress and anxiety relief.

Men Who Love Adult Coloring Part 2

What happens when you give a man a coloring book?  Turns out, it’s pretty cool.  At least that’s what I thought when I saw Drew’s video I’m sharing with you here.

“I received two Adult Coloring Books from Andrea Wood Schmitz of She provided me with Primal Consciousness Volume 1 and The 60’s Come Back Volume 1.

I received these for free in exchange for an honest review. You can purchase your own copy at (Drew’s Affiliate Link).

Andrea has four books on Amazon including the two in the video.

They are all a part of a way to connect and recharge yourself through coloring therapy.

I’m personally not that new age but there is something to be said about putting crayon, colored pencil or marker to paper and just losing yourself in the task of coloring. It is very much a recharge that I often need.

How Primal Consciousness is unique!

Unlike other coloring books, these patterns are twisted and complex with just the right degree of difficulty to allow adults to fully engage and enjoy the therapeutic and calming effects of coloring.

The books are 8.5′ by 11′ and are equally fun for left handed colorers as well as right handed.

Work perfect with Faber Castells, Prismas and other coloring pencils as well as gel pens.

Thanks for watching and I do hope that you would consider subscribing.

You can follow and connect with me at my various social media outlets such as –

BenSpark endorses Primal Consciousness

Thank you, Drew from!

Libri de colorari per adulti

What fun to watch Andre Mur unpack our adult coloring book, Primal Consciousness!

These are available in Italy via — >

Colorare: un’attività da bambini?

Già agli inizi del ‘900 uno dei padri della psicoanalisi, Carl Gustav Jung, aveva riconosciuto i benefici del disegno per la salute, in particolare dei Mandala, le immagini circolari spirituali induiste e buddhiste, su cui scrisse ben 4 saggi.

Ma come può colorare essere una forma efficace di arteterapia e un modo per combattere lo stress?

Quando un bambino colora, la sua attenzione è completamente assorbita da quello che sta facendo: scegliere le tonalità che stanno meglio vicine, cercare di restare all’interno dei contorni del disegno, sono tutte azioni che richiedono la massima concentrazione. Tutto ciò che è al di fuori scompare.

Grazia Andre Mur!

Grazia Stefy1986 🙂


Bella NitroBijoux


Oh Marta!



Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 14.03.29

How to Draw Zentangles (Doodle Art)

You might have done something like this while you were in grade school – without ever realizing this was a thing! Yes, we are talking about Zentangle; it’s an art of creating beautiful images and patterns. But Zentangle is much more than that. You can draw Zentangle for entertainment, education, relaxation, motivation etc. Sounds interesting? Well, it actually is.

The ancient origin of zentangling

Though the term Zentangle may be relatively new, but the basic principles of this art date back centuries. The symbols and design patterns in the Zentangle Art belong to many different cultures of the world – Mayan, Celtic, Maori, American, Indian. What makes Zentangle drawing interesting is that it is based on human behavior; lines and shapes are not planned and they emerge unintentionally. The process of drawing this Doodle art may look complex, but the process is simple. Zentangle Art is one of simplest and easiest paths that lead to relaxation.

Some key qualities (or benefits) of Zentangle Art are as follows:

> It is very soothing for the mind.
> It is simple enough for anyone to learn.
> It teaches you how to adjust to imperfections.
> It improves self-esteem.
> It boosts creativity and problem solving skills.
> It helps you manage anger and stress.

And you don’t need much to draw Zentangle or Doodle Art . A pencil, a black pen and a piece of heavy white drawing paper and you’re good to go and have fun.

Creativity flow booster

Drawing Zentagles is proven to let your creative juices flowing. If you are an artist, you can use this drawing technique to develop an array of beautiful designs or patterns that can applied to areas like quilting or jewelry design. Through this art, you can even express your personal feelings and then gift your Zentangle tile to a family member or close friends in place of greeting cards.

Great for all age groups

The best part about drawing Zentangles (Doodle Art) is that it’s not limited to a particular age group. Simply anyone can use Zentangle Art to enjoy a wide range of benefits. Depending on what you like, you can draw Zentangles either alone or in a group of like-minded people.

Given below is a video which shows you how to get started with the Zentangle Art. It features a Mandala with Zentangles.

Men Who Love Adult Coloring Part 1

In this episode Jesse and Ron Pare review Primal Consciousness, an amazing Adult coloring book.

Buy the book here

Coloring book for adults
Off centered mandalas and kaleidoscopes. The designs in this coloring book go from the very simple to beautifully complex. Many of the drawings are variations on a theme, but they all vary in perspective.

Unlike other coloring books, these patterns are twisted and complex with just the right degree of difficulty to allow adults to fully engage and enjoy the therapeutic and calming effects of coloring.
Our books are 8.5′ by 11′ and are equally fun for left handed colorers as well as right handed.
Work perfect with Faber Castells, Prismas and other coloring pencils as well as gel pens.


Wow, thank you from Inkovator!

Find Ron over on Youtube here:



How to Draw Eye-Catching Botanical Doodle

What’s your favorite hobby? For many people, it’s drawing botanical doodle in different styles and patterns. Botanical doodle, at the very first glance, looks complex and detailed. But focus on the pattern for sometime, and you may be able to identify the simple process behind the pattern. That’s why drawing botanical doodle doesn’t require any specific skill or talent.

Botanical doodle is just one aspect or part of Zentangle Art. If the term Zentangle sounds new to you, just think of it as an art form which can provide you relaxation, focus, mindfulness and so much more.

When Zentangle was first introduced by Maria and Rick, people thought it was just another art form – like many others. And Maria and Rick themselves didn’t know that this art form was soon to become a craze. They created the entire Zentangle Method so that others could practice it for multiple benefits.

Different People Use Zentangle to Fulfill Different Purposes

Today, hundreds of thousands of people are using Zentangle to achieve a wide range of purposes or goals. For example, some people draw Zentangle patterns to boost their creative skills. Some people use it to create unique designs that can be applied to jewelry and textile. But whatever purpose you use Zentangle for, there are some benefits that are common to all people.

Key benefits of Zentangling include:

> Quick access to mindfulness
> Relaxation
> Brainstorming
> Problem solving
> Team building
> Stress relief
> Non-verbal journalling
> Therapy

You’ll not become aware to the many benefits that Zentangle offers unless you start practicing this art yourself.

Creating Zentangle patterns is inspiring both for you and those who look at your work of art. Whether or not you are an artist, you can check out a couple of tutorials, understand the concept and start creating your own unique Zentangle or Zendoodle patterns. You can collect your work and share it with others. Even if you Zentangle once a day, you’ll get plenty of benefits.

Zentangle Suits Every Age Group

The use of Zentangle isn’t limited to a particular age group. The art form can be enjoyed equally by adults and kids. In fact, Zentangle is extremely therapeutic for kids with mental illness. It can teach them self-control, make them more disciplined and relax their minds as well. After you have finished drawing a Zentangle pattern, you’ll feel more confident about who you are. It gives you an opportunity to rediscover yourself, gain peace and enjoy life.

Botanical doodle comes in different styles and patterns. If you always wanted to create Botanical doodle that would immediately attract everybody’s attention, here’s a video that shows you how to do exactly that.

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