Artists, Illustrators & Coloring Book Authors Needed

Projects: co-host an all day FB coloring book event with peers


Details Of The Project:

Project Name:

Grown Up Coloring Book Bonanza

Project Type:

12 hour long FB live event


Free admission to all guests


This is a popular recurring event run by Inkovator.  The purpose is to connect artists with colorists in a fun, day-long bonanza of games, give-aways and gratitude.

Each co-hosting artist is responsible for one full hour of the event.  During this hour, the co-host will present games, quizes, give-aways or chances to win - the main emphasis is on FUN and attracting new colorists to the artist's work.


I need to fill my calendar with published coloring book artists and illustrators who are capable of doing a specific type of marketing to join my upcoming FB events.

The events are called Grown Up Coloring Book Bonanzas and are run around various holidays or occasions.

The target audience are adults who enjoy coloring or are curious to learn more about it.

With the help of other published artists I'm associated with, I run these events roughly every two months.

So I only want published coloring book authors who meet the following criteria:

  • You are able to commit one full hour during the day time of a WEEK DAY to co-host at the event (Time is 10 am - 10 pm EDT)
  • You have published at least 1 coloring book which is still in circulation
  • You actively participate in a variety of marketing efforts to make your books known
  • You are willing and able to give prizes with a value of $20-$200 during your hour 
  • You understand that this event is about coloring and the guests - your goal is to help pull off an event they will look back upon with a smile on their face and say "I met my favorite coloring book author at the Grown Up Coloring Book Bonanza"
  • You implement basic marketing strategies 
  • You have a fanpage on Facebook and other social media assets

In Return,

You will be featured on Inkovator's fanpage, to our mailing list, through out other social media channels.

Your participation will be mentioned in our event specific Press Releases.

You will grow your social media following.

You will receive praise and recognition from the community of colorers that you can use in your future marketing.

This was exciting, first to meet new artists, second giveaway and learning new ideas.. Huge Thanks for all the time you ladies put in and generous activities!

Adrien Q 
Coloring Book Fan

In this way, it let's you promote your coloring books while staying "under the radar" and without being blatantly promotional and salesy.  In fact, you will come out of it as the new coloring book HERO and your new fans and followers will LOVE you.

There Is No Charge For This

​As a contributor and co-host, you are collaborating with me and 11-12 other published authors on this event.

And when a guest interacts with you during your hour, I need to know that you are able and willing to deliver a great experience - even beyond the event.  There is a very high demand for quality coloring books created by artists who know how to treat their customers well, so again, to be a part of this event, you MUST be able to deliver.

Andrea Wood Schmitz put together a cohesive and extremely well attended Facebook event.

I was fortunate enough to be one of the participating artists. I regularly participate in book launch parties of a similar nature, and I believe this was the best attended event of this kind I have participated in to date.

All social media I was promoting saw a notable increase in followers, and my email subscription list doubled in size with in 48 hours following my hour as co-host.

Laura Medeiros

Please review the application details below and fill in the submission form.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,

Andrea Wood Schmitz

“If you want an interesting party sometime, combine cocktails and a fresh box of crayons for everyone."  Robert Fulghum

​I'm coloring book artist Sue Chastain and I'm just learning my way in the world of marketing. I was thrilled to be invited to participate in Andrea Wood Schmitz's Facebook event, the Grown Up Coloring Book Easter Bonanza. It was a crash course in what can be done with Facebook marketing and I learned so much in a VERY short time. Ha!

The event itself was so exciting and fun. It was wonderful to be able to interact with colorists and their own enthusiasm for what we artists do was contagious. Participating in this event has totally energized me and given me so many ideas on how I might use Facebook events for other marketing efforts in the future.

I had three main goals for participating in the Bonanza: to gain exposure for my site, to grow my email list, and put some good karma vibes out into the world. I definitely accomplished all of my goals with record-breaking page views and sign-ups. I would certainly work with Andrea Wood Schmitz again.

Sue Chastain

Before submitting your application, Flip Through Some of our Previous Events. Understand the goals, opportunity and expectations of Inkovator and our guests.

Your advantage today is that the Grown Up Coloring Book Bonanza's have become the colorer's favorite event on Facebook.  And an added bonus is, you can see EVERYTHING that has happened in the past with each published artist who has participated.  No more guess work!

As you review these past events, take note of how powerful the collective energy is and imagine yourself as a co-host in a future event, reaping in the same energy and boosting your marketing while having a blast:

“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.”

Paul Ryan

Are You Ready To Apply?

Take this brief survey and we'll be in touch with you asap.  Spots go quickly so don't wait!


I loved the variety of interactions the artists offered. I think the prizes are very generous. I also think leaving the Bonanza open for an extended time allows people more opportunities to participate. Looking forward to finding out all the winners. Great job, Andrea Wood Schmitz!"

Amy G. 

Thank you Andrea Wood Schmitz. I like the fact that I can go back and read some things, and watch the videos. It was super fast paced - this even kept me busy all day. I think I entered every contest as it was happening. smile emoticon Now I can go back and look at other participants work as well. Thanks - a lot of fun it was!​"

Barbara M.

It was hard to decide on a favorite part. The entire program was fun. Just playing the games with everyone."

Becky GB.

I had a blast. It was fun to see all of the different styles and be introduced to artist's I had not discovered yet. I would like to see the next contest happen over a weekend. I found that I got absolutely nothing accomplished at work that day because I have no self-control and could not stay off of the page."

Beverly M.

Just wanted to say thanks to Andrea Wood Schmitz AND all artists who participated in the event.. I enjoyed finding artists that were new to me."

Angela S.

The whole day was a lot of fun."

Barbara B.

I had a lot of fun, I also found new artists I likely wouldn't have. I bookmarked so many pages and youtube videos. I thought it was a really great idea. Thank you to all of the artists and hosts that put this all together for all of us."

Barbii C.

Loved ALL OF THIS AND THE ARTISTS! OK so I didn't get much work done at work. Shhhhhh!​"

Beverly C.

Andrea Wood Schmitz thanks for all your hard work i really enjoyed this hope to be able to get on longer next time thanks everyone." 

Brenda C.

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