How to Draw Mascha Feoktistova with Colored Pencils

If you are from the Netherlands, Mascha Feoktistova should be a familiar name. In the year 2007, Mascha launched Beautygloss, a blog which talks about makeup and beauty products. She has won multiple awards for her accomplishments as a blogger and an entrepreneur. Well, that’s just for your knowledge. Let’s get back to the topic – how to draw  Mascha Feoktistova with colored pencils. If you use colored pencils to draw, you should follow Emmy as she does this beautifully.

She starts with the eyes while creating an outline of the face. Then she moves on to the nose and draws the cheeks. She does the lips and the teeth and the chin. The way she draws the hair looks great.

Finally, she creates a picture that looks as real as Mascha Feoktistova herself. Follow Emmy and learn to draw it yourself.

[Materials Used: Bristol smooth surface paper, Faber Castell polychromos pencils, Faber Castell pencil eraser, Caran d’ache luminance pencils, White uni posca 0.7mm]

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