How to Draw a Realistic Eye – with a Teardrop – Using Graphite Pencils

Do you know how to draw a realistic eye with graphite pencils? If yes, let’s move to the next level and find out how you can draw a realistic eye which has a teardrop in it. Sounds interesting? Emmy Kalia, a drawing enthusiast from the Netherlands, teaches you the art in simple steps. The techniques that Emmy uses in the video tutorial are quite easy to learn and follow for anyone.

Emmy suggests starting lightly and then adding layers to make it dark. She also tells you not to press too hard while drawing because you won’t be able to erase easily when you want to do it.

Also, you should remember to draw along the reflections of the eye.

To find out more, watch the video now.

[Materials Used: Bristol smooth surface paper, Faber Castell graphite pencils 2h-8b, CretaColor nero black, Faber Castell pencil eraser, Kneaded eraser, White uni posca 0.7mm, Blending stump and soft tissue.]

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Rick Williams says February 9, 2018

What a beautiful eye in this demonstration. I will be studying it for some time to be able to draw one of my own that (I hope) looks this good!

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