How to Draw Natural-Looking Eyes, Nose and Lips with Graphite Pencils

Everyone has their own style of drawing. Emmy has her own!

If drawing is your passion, this tutorial will show you how you can shade and draw eyes, nose and lips that look amazingly real, with graphite pencils. Emmy learned to draw by practicing more and I hope you’ll feel happy to learn something from the drawing process she follows in the video.

You too can draw like Emmy, if you take a closer look at pictures of eyes to gather ideas, follow her process and practice more.

[Materials Used: Bristol smooth surface paper, Faber Castell graphite pencils 2h-8b, CretaColor nero black, Faber Castell pencil eraser, Kneaded eraser, White uni posca 0.7mm, Blending stump and soft tissue.]


About the Author Andrea Wood Schmitz

Mom of 6, Christian, writer, publisher, coloring-addict, coffee dependent.

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tuta says April 4, 2017

wow hat was great awsome i was trying to make that hahahhaha but cant’than aslo i will try watching this vidio

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