Men Who Love Adult Coloring Part 2

What happens when you give a man a coloring book?  Turns out, it’s pretty cool.  At least that’s what I thought when I saw Drew’s video I’m sharing with you here.

“I received two Adult Coloring Books from Andrea Wood Schmitz of She provided me with Primal Consciousness Volume 1 and The 60’s Come Back Volume 1.

I received these for free in exchange for an honest review. You can purchase your own copy at (Drew’s Affiliate Link).

Andrea has four books on Amazon including the two in the video.

They are all a part of a way to connect and recharge yourself through coloring therapy.

I’m personally not that new age but there is something to be said about putting crayon, colored pencil or marker to paper and just losing yourself in the task of coloring. It is very much a recharge that I often need.

How Primal Consciousness is unique!

Unlike other coloring books, these patterns are twisted and complex with just the right degree of difficulty to allow adults to fully engage and enjoy the therapeutic and calming effects of coloring.

The books are 8.5′ by 11′ and are equally fun for left handed colorers as well as right handed.

Work perfect with Faber Castells, Prismas and other coloring pencils as well as gel pens.

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BenSpark endorses Primal Consciousness

Thank you, Drew from!

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