Mom’s Back-to-school with Kawaii Primer

There’s nothing like a crisp, fresh start to a new school year.

New clothes!  New notebooks!  New pens!  New friends!

It’s not always new, and not always good, though.  Like grumpy old teachers, bullies and stale smelling rooms.

That’s why I’ve taken great care to stock my kids’ school bags with items they’ll love and are useful to boot.

Moms do that ;).

Now I’m not gonna go all Bento on you, that’s for ubermamas.  I’m just your average mom-of-six down the road.

I have a tight budget and no sense of malarky, so it’s great value for great articles and a few DIY to boot.  I’m not too proud to wing it to make it fun!

Fair warning, though.

Back when my oldest started school, I was on the CHEAP trip.

Yes, penny pinching was very much a thing back then, but what I did not realize is how CHEAP actually made some things really hard for my first grader.

What can I say?

Six year olds can be brutal.  Peer pressure starts early, Mom!  I learned that being strategic and splurging in the right places helps the overall budget while keeping melt-downs a minimum.

And who knew?  That Melt-Down-Minimum effect meant less stress binging on my part which also saved money in the end (and my hips from taking on elephant proportions!)

This year it’s all gonna be better because of Kawaii.

Kawaii means “lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable” is the culture of cuteness in Japan.

It can refer to items, humans and nonhumans that are charming, vulnerable, shy and childlike. Examples include cute handwriting, certain genres of manga, and Hello Kitty.

The cuteness culture, or kawaii aesthetic, has become a prominent aspect of Japanese popular culture, entertainment, clothingfood, toys, personal appearance and mannerisms.

So let’s go straight for the WIN with a sneaky DIY that’s bound to give your kids a boost on the popularity scale without breaking the bank:

Composition Books

If you’re like me, you’ll love this easy way to SCORE.  Rachel shows how she created some cute mock-ups of your everyday composition book.

She’s gone all Kawaii on these:  Pusheen, Hello Kitty – you get the drift!

Now she’s doing this for college, but honestly?

My first grader is gonna love this and my sixth grader will be lucky I put her name on the front because these are gonna be HOT!

If you need inspiration, flip through this well laid out resource – you’ll be pumping out professional styled composition book covers in no time!


Kawaii Pens

My gosh, I remember the boys taking ball point pens apart so that they could fill the cylinders with spit balls and shoot them at the girls.

I think this is a WAY better way to have fun with ball point pens!

Grab some modeling clay and start creating super cute Kawaii-inspired writing utensils, voila!

What do you think?

Oh, and the ear buds?  Adorable.

Not too sure about the chips bag, though.  Even if I know my boys would LOVE them, too.


Before you think that Kawaii is only for girls, let me inspire you with guy themes!

Kawaii For The Guys

Imagine my delight to find a bunch of guy themed kawaii tutorials?

My boys are all lightsabers and storm troopers.  So these video did not disappoint!

A post shared by Rhio Jones (@rhiobujo) on

A post shared by Rhio Jones (@rhiobujo) on

A post shared by Rhio Jones (@rhiobujo) on

A post shared by Rhio Jones (@rhiobujo) on

A post shared by Rhio Jones (@rhiobujo) on

Pencil Case & Pencils

How about some swagger with the writing utensils?

I had no idea you can actually create your own erasers, how cool is that?  Rachel has another great tutorial ready to go.

All you need is a bunch of pencils, washi tape, plastic container for the pencil case and some cardboard, modge podge and acrylics.  Oh, and the eraser stuff.

Let this inspire you!

I love her attention to detail even though the designs are super simple.  It’s details like having your full name on the box which make these crafts over the top and actually kill two birds with one stone as I don’t have to take my Sharpie to all those back-to-school supplies to write down my kid’s name on them!

Get your plush on!

One of my personal fav, adorable sewing sites?

Choly Knight’s fantastic sewing site – so thankful she discovered the need in the anime market and absolutely adore her Kawaii themed projects!

Go grab this free pattern from Choly and be sure to share the results on our FB page!

Grab the pattern here:

Adorable printable bookmarks


Find the details to these super cute Kawaii bookmarks – perfect for back-to-school!  Thanks to Ayelet <3

Cute table top pencil holders

Over at Red Ted Art there’s a great and surprisingly detailed post on how to make these easy table top Kawaii pencil holders.

I bet you’re done and dusted before your back-to-schooler even knows what’s happened.

What I simply LOVE about these is that it really helps my kids to keep order in their rooms.


Simply the theme which now permeates the room makes everything less random and it’s like their wee brains want the order sometime despite themselves.  I call that a Mom-Wins moment 🙂

Go get the details here:  Kawaii Pencil Holder


What did I miss?  What ideas do you have to add?

Don’t forget, if you make anything from here – take a snapshot and let us know over on FB!



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