Pinterest Communities for Creatives

Pinterest Communities For Creatives

Pinterest is a powerhouse for creative business owners, it’s a fact.

There’s plenty to say about optimizing your website, creating a pinterest business profile and cranking out some quality pins to grow your brand.

And as creatives we’re all over the concept of boards, making them attractive and filling them with goodies to help spread the word about our businesses.

Of course, as a business owner we know that it’s about the customer and not our personal preferences, this is why we strive for excellence in pin selection and don’t shy away from other people’s amazing content.  All in the effort to build a solid, stunning and satisfying experience for our ideal pinners.

And then there are Group or Collaborative Boards

I bet you’ve seen them.  This is where mulitple pinners can pin to a designated, themed board and all profit from the collective creativity.  It’s a win-win-win across the board.

Creative Business owners benefit from reaching niche audiences, for example.  Take Inkovator:  we create books which compliment teaching in grade school, books like “Create Your Own Comics” – so finding a collaboration board with teachers or teaching supplies or education ideas is bound to help me do TWO things:

  1.  Reach more like-minded pinners who are searching for educational themed pins
  2.  Fill my own profile with an attractive complimentary topic which is populated by a collaboration of pinners

Needless to say, I think Group/Collaborative Boards are amazing and I’m not alone!

But have you heard about Pinterest Communities?

Recently and on the sly, Pinterest has opened up a NEW option for pinners to get active.  And it’s the first real steps towards adding true social media elements to the platform.

I can’t tell you how excited this gets me!


  • New ways to connect directly with your ideal audience
  • That means new ways to share your blog posts and product pages
  • You can create a community around virtually any niche audience which allows you to be hyper specific in your marketing message
  • You can comment, have conversations and you can post links
  • Right NOW is the time to get in because once a name for a community is taken, no one else can have that name (I can’t believe I’m telling you this!)
  • That means you can dominate the social aspect of Pinterest for your main topic/niche/keyword

The Pinterest Communities Catch

There’s always a catch, right?

The catch is that it’s so new and the only way you can create a community is by first joining a community.  Sounds like a drag?  I think it’s reasonable.

So what’s a Creative Business owner to do?

Join a relevant Community and if you like it and see the potential, go ahead and create your own community.

Here’s a sample of communities to join:


*note: If these links redirect you to the Pinterest homepage, you will need to access it via the Pinterest app (and not a laptop/desktop computer) at least for the first time you go to unlock the communities feature.

Using the Pinterest app on your phone, you should get full access. After you have unlocked the communities feature, it may take up to an hour for your app to update before you can search for communities and create your own.

If you are active on pinterest, why not join the community – communities are new and these are NOT pins, but more similar to FB groups.

The advantage to joining this community will be

1) early adopter advantage
2) quickly find others in similiar niche as you to collaborate and re-pin mutually
3) discover how creative people are exploding their results from using pinterest


Join here if you create low content books:

Join here if you are a creative business owner:

Once you join a community, your desktop will show you a “community” tab which will allow you to search for more communities to join or give the option to create your own community.

Are you ready to be an early adopter?

Truly these are so new the implications and potential are huge.

Starting your own community gives you an unfair advantage in naming, collecting community members and being the one to call the shots because you are the admin!

If you were to tap into the power of Pinterest Communities, what would be the niche  you want to reign over?

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