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Andrea Wood Schmitz, alternative stress management coloring book authority and CEO of Inkovator, can be reached for media queries on LinkedIn (business page), LinkedIn (personal profile), Twitter,  skype or on Facebook.  

Below, please find a sample of media and news involving Inkovator and Andrea Wood Schmitz:

Coloring Books For Veterans And PTSD Relief

Schmitz’ work in non-invasive stress-relief activities show how veterans are turning to coloring books to relieve PTSD, relax and regain a sense of control over pressing issues in everyday life.

“It’s alarming, really. Our veterans are dumped into daily life after active duty and society really isn’t equipped to help them re-integrate into the daily grind. After mastering life on duty under strenuous circumstances – they are more stable and capable than most of us. And yet, they are left alone to pick up the pieces in making sense of various challenges experienced while serving the country. All the workforce cares about is “functioning” employees,” says Schmitz. “Coupled with the normal stresses of family, career and financial concerns, veterans today are facing major stress factors coming at them 24/7. That requires a cool head and the ability to discern between important and urgent. With the military infrastructure and support systems gone, this can turn into a silent struggle and make PTSD even worse. That’s why the average veteran must think differently when it comes to developing coping strategies to relieve the burden of PTSD.”

“Although there’s a difference between coloring and being guided by a therapist,” Erin Maynard, media liaison of PTSD Survivors of America said, “the activity helps regulate stress.”

Read more:  Authority PressWire

100 Copies of Primal Consciousness Donated to Hospital-Bound Moms on Mother's Day

Erica Henry’s child was a patient at Monroe Carroll Jr. Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital many times when he was an infant toddler due to a seizure disorder and other ailments.  She knew how stressful sitting in a hospital room day in and day out worrying over your child could be.  She decided to raise donations for adult coloring books to give to the mother’s of the children at the hospital for Mother’s day.  She wanted to bring a little joy, if only for a brief moment to the mothers who were dealing with the stress of their children during this holiday.  Henry reached out to colorists and other illustrators around the world and asked for donations for this cause.

Henry was amazed at the amount of donations.  Colorists from around the world donated over 100 coloring sheets, and 900 crayons.  Henry donated over 100 copies of her adult coloring books, including Inspired by Nature and her newest coloring book, Whimsical Patterns, Vol. 1, the bags to hold the goodies in, over 500 colored pencils, and 50 pencil sharpeners. Between illustrators Anne Manera, Andrea Schmitz, Sue Chastain, Heidi Berthiaume, Alice Jackson, Tamera Cameron, Melanie Topp Steeves, and Maria Castro over 250 coloring books, 100 colorable post cards, 50 clip boards, and other coloring related items were donated.

Author: Erica Henry
May 24, 2016
Read full article here: Erica Henry of Coffee and Coloring made mothers smile on Mother’s Day


ColorOn Magazine:  Live Easter Bonanza Event Features Ten Coloring Book Artists

The Grown-Up Coloring Book Easter Bonanza, a live Facebook event, is designed to aid women in navigating alternative, safe and proven ways to reduce stress and avoid aggressive behavior in times of anxiety and insecurity.  The online community of coloring enthusiasts continues to grow after a strong surge in interest in 2015 with new records expected in 2016, and this event focuses on reaching this group of colorists.

Author: Mary Winters-Meyer
March 1, 2016
Read full article here:  ColorOn Magazine

Andrea Wood Schmitz Reveals How Adult Coloring Books Are Helping Women Reduce Stress with Upcoming Event

Stress management alternative coloring book authority, Andrea Wood Schmitz, CEO of Inkovator, reveals that women who redirect their anxiety and pressures towards coloring books for grown-ups worry less.

Schmitz’ recent surveys have uncovered how adults around the world are turning to coloring books to relieve stress, relax and regain a sense of control over pressing issues in everyday life.

“Let’s face it. Daily we are bombarded with a flood of bad news, worst case scenarios and downright evil acts in our own communities and beyond,” says Schmitz. “Coupled with the normal stresses of family, career and financial concerns, women today are facing major stress factors coming at them 24-7. That requires a cool head and the ability to discern between important and urgent. That’s why the average woman must think differently when it comes to developing coping strategies to keep the crazies away and maintain a healthy lifestyle balance.”

Read more:  Authority PressWire

Andrea Wood Schmitz on Business Innovators Radio, topic:  Adult Coloring

In this conversation Andrea Schmitz is interviewed by Debbie Horovitch, revealing a new way to connect with your community and staff, through adult coloring books. Andrea has been working in publishing for more twenty years and in recent years began her own publishing firm where she implements a video content curation system for her clients to use in creating their own multi-contributor books. This system even helped her client create a situation where he was able to finally personally deliverhis book publishing project for Donald Trump, for his consideration.

Andrea Wood Schmitz is available for speaking engagments, interviews and comments.

What others say about Andrea Wood Schmitz and Inkovator:

I'm coloring book artist Sue Chastain and I'm just learning my way in the world of marketing. I was thrilled to be invited to participate in Andrea Schmitz's Facebook event, the Grown Up Coloring Book Easter Bonanza. It was a crash course in what can be done with Facebook marketing and I learned so much in a VERY short time. Ha!

The event itself was so exciting and fun. It was wonderful to be able to interact with colorists and their own enthusiasm for what we artists do was contagious. Participating in this event has totally energized me and given me so many ideas on how I might use Facebook events for other marketing efforts in the future.

I had three main goals for participating in the Bonanza: to gain exposure for my site, to grow my email list, and put some good karma vibes out into the world. I definitely accomplished all of my goals with record-breaking page views and sign-ups. I would certainly work with Andrea Wood Schmitz again.

Sue Chastain 
SuziQ Creations
  • "The whole day was a lot of fun." Barbara B.
  • "Loved ALL OF THIS AND THE ARTISTS! OK so I didn't get much work done at work. Shhhhhh!​" Beverly C.

Andrea Schmitz quickly put together a cohesive and extremely well attended Facebook event. I was fortunate enough to be one of the participating artists. I regularly participate in book launch parties of a similar nature, and I believe this was the best attended even of this kind I have participated in to date. All social media I was promoting saw a notable increase in followers, and my email subscription list doubled in size with in 48 hours following my hour as co-host.

Laura Medeiros 
  • "This was exciting, first to meet new artists, second giveaway and learning new ideas.. Huge Thanks for all the time you ladies put in and generous activities!" Adrien Q
  • "I loved the variety of interactions the artists offered. I think the prizes are very generous. I also think leaving the Bonanza open for an extended time allows people more opportunities to participate. Looking forward to finding out all the winners. Great job, Andrea Schmitz!" Amy G.
  • "Just wanted to say thanks to Andrea Schmitz AND all artists who participated in the event.. I enjoyed finding artists that were new to me." Angela S.
  • "Thank you Andrea Schmitz. I like the fact that I can go back and read some things, and watch the videos. It was super fast paced - this even kept me busy all day. I think I entered every contest as it was happening. smile emoticon Now I can go back and look at other participants work as well. Thanks - a lot of fun it was!​" Barbara M.
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